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Autumn on the Cape Fear

Posted in Features, Wakeboarding with tags , , on December 28, 2011 by telepromptedanthems
[vimeo 34310698]

A few years ago, I went to see Metallica in Charlotte with Bob and DJSK from Red Bull. It’s the most money I’ve ever spent to see a band but it was awesome. Like really awesome. Way more awesome than I was expecting from those old farts. Anyway, Richmond, VA’s Lamb of God opened up for them, and I wasn’t getting down to their set at all, but right at the end they gave a shout out to Wrightsville Beach and played the theme from the movie Cape Fear. Being the proud North Carolinian that I am, I was pumped on it and kept thinking how bad ass it would be to use that song in something.

Fast forward two years later: Nick and Clay have been gathering clips over the past few months and wanted to do a quick 2011 wrap up. As we were logging the footage, I remembered that Fantomas had recorded a version of the Cape Fear theme, so I threw together a completely unnecessary opener which totally rips off the title sequence from the movie. Add that to a bunch of riding, shooting guns, and the song Wires (my and Clay’s top song of 2011), you got yourself a f__kin’ party.

Things have been kinda slow around here, and I’m not sure when that’s actually going to change since we’re officially into the winter months. But for now, sit back, watch the boys kill it,  and enjoy the last few days of 2011.

– – –

“End of Year” Playlist

  1. Fantomas – The Directors’ Cut
  2. Red Fang – Murder the Mountains
  3. M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
  4. Tombs – Path of Totality
  5. Sleep – Jerusalem

A Weekend with Humanoid

Posted in Features, Wakeboarding with tags on August 19, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Okay, so I’ve got good news and bad news. You know how every summer, there’s about a month-long period where nothing gets posted and there’s no activity on the site whatsoever? Well the bad news is that this year, that month turned into about three months. The good news is that it’s finally over!

A while back, Nick and Mark went down to Orlando for a weekend and met up with Mark’s Humanoid teammate Bob Sichel. As soon as they got down there, they got right to work and banged out a few quick sessions before heading back up to NC.

We’ve been sitting on the footage for a while now, and that video up there is what came of it all. We’re hanging on to a few more clips from some other dudes, so stay tuned to see what else went down. I mean, it’s not like we could release it all at once. It’s been three months since the last post, so we kind of have to pace ourselves here, you know?

– – –

Speaking of Humanoid, after you watch the video, be sure to head over to their site and check out the goods. They have some snazzy new boards for 2011 and they’re putting together an impressive team of riders. Plus, Mark just got back from a big team trip out west and he says that the stuff they have up their sleeves for 2012 is looking sick.

– – –

Rest easy, people. Regular posting has returned. I know you missed us.

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“Return to Blogging” Playlist

  1. Sleep – “Jerusalem”
  2. Jay-Z and Kanye West – “Watch The Throne”
  3. Death From Above 1979 – “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine”
  4. Snapcase – “Steps” EP

A Recap of Nick’s Spring Break

Posted in Features, Wakeboarding with tags , , on April 10, 2011 by telepromptedanthems
[vimeo 22197948]

Last month, Nick went down to spend a his Spring Break at Adam Fields’ house in sunny Orlando, Florida. He convinced Sam Baker to tag along for the trip and I’m here to tell you that the boys got some serious work done.

Always a gracious host, Adam was up every morning cooking breakfast and making sure everyone got out on the water at a decent hour. He even went the extra mile and set up a few sessions with several other riders, so Nick got to shoot every day they were there. Hyperlite’s Danny Thollander and CWB’s Nick Jones rode one day, Adam’s Liquid Force teammate Scott Stewart came by for a while, and one of Slingshot’s new kids on the block, Oli Derome, took a set one morning (and by the way, according to Alliance’s Twitter page, Oli landed a wake to wake 1080 today. Dude is no joke.).

And then there was Adam. Nick shot at least seven or eight sets of Adam throughout the weekend and I was flipping out this week as I was going through the footage. I seriously can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings. Check out the video and get excited for 2011.

– – –

“Almost Summertime” Playlist

  1. Sleigh Bells – Treats
  2. Big Business – Here Come the Waterworks
  3. High on Fire – The Art of Self Defense
  4. Wiz Kahlifa – Black and Yellow on repeat. (Nick’s official On-the-Boat jam of 2011)

A Lovely Weekend in Wilmington

Posted in Features, Wakeboarding with tags , , on October 6, 2010 by telepromptedanthems

If you know anything about me, you know that I love me some Wilmington, NC. It’s got everything you’d ever need: the ocean, good people, awesome food, and a female population that will make the rest of the world look pretty fugly by comparison. It’s also home to one of the strongest wakeboard scenes around, so when I moved back to Wilmington last Spring, all I could think about was how much I’d be able to ride. Clay’s boat is ready to go on the intracoastal and my boat is only an hour away at my beloved hometown of White Lake. Yeah, it was going to be awesome.

I think I can count on my hands how many times I’ve ridden this summer.

It seems like everyone has been riding less around here. Between jobs, classes, girlfriends, boat problems, injuries, or lousy conditions, life just gets in the way. I mean, with the exception of Sam Baker, none of us are exactly spring chickens anymore. It’s not like we can spend all day on the boat and just ride until we’ve had enough, and I feel like that painful fact was more evident this summer than it ever has been.

That being said, the boys recently decided to go all out and try to cram as much riding as they could into one weekend and film the whole thing. A little winching, a little wake riding, a little misdemeanor theft of a picnic table…it looked like a pretty fun time. The footage should probably be sent out to tourists and prospective UNCW students because this is how life in the Port City should be. And although weekends like this may begin to be fewer and further between, it’s good to know that they haven’t disappeared completely.

And since that last line sounded like a sappy PSA, I’m going to stop typing now. Just watch the video.

Revisiting Randall

Posted in Features, Wakeboarding on July 19, 2010 by telepromptedanthems

About a year ago when we were shooting No Name Losers, we had talked about going to winch this gap here in Wilmington, about a mile from UNCW. We talked about it and talked about it and never actually went out there, for one reason or another. Then, about three days before we were set to premiere the video, Nick rounded up a crew and went out there to get some last minute clips. He got a few good ones, sent them to me in Charlotte, and the rest is history. Aside from those clips for the movie, a lot of good photos came out of that day (courtesy of Jason Husdon, of course), and we decided that we needed to go back and spend some more time there.

Fast forward to this Spring: the good people at Ridiculous Winches send Nick his brand new Ben Horan Pro Model winch and we naturally decide to spend a few days shooting at Randall. Much like anything we’ve ever done as a collective group, it took way longer than expected and those three or so days happened over the course of three or so months, but the point of the story is that we finally have something to show for it.

So anyway, this is a collection of the footage we got at Randall over those few sessions. If you look real close in a few shots, you can catch a glimpse of the brand spanking new Slingshot boots for 2011 which are kind of like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster: often discussed, but rarely seen. Trust us, they’re totally R.A.D.

And I’d also like to point out that we’ve gotten two videos up in just about a week. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I’m pretty sure we’re hitting our stride for the summer.

Featured Rider – Tony Carroll

Posted in Features, Wakeboarding with tags , , , on May 10, 2010 by telepromptedanthems

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s shooting from the boat. If there are two things I hate, they’re shooting from the boat with lousy light. Of course, if Nick and I have learned one thing over the past few years, we’ve learned that sometimes there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Every now and then, life is going to hand you lemons and you’ve just got to suck it up, grab a few more ingredients and make a whiskey sour.

A while back, Nick went down to Orlando with the Barnes brothers and they ended up riding with Tony Carroll. They only had a little bit of time, there wasn’t a chase boat, and the light wasn’t too great. Despite all that though, Tony was totally down to ride and make the best of it. I wasn’t down there, but by all accounts it sounds like Tony was super cool, so thanks for being a rad guy, Tony. As you can see, the video is short and sweet, but he definitely made good use of the time and threw down some pretty impressive stuff.

You can tell we’ve been sitting on the footage for a while (it hasn’t been fullsuit weather in O-Town for a few moths), which I take the full blame for. Hopefully this signifies the return of some more frequent videos around here so get ready for a good summer.

Featured Video – Henshaw Rail Unveiling

Posted in Features, Wakeboarding on March 19, 2010 by telepromptedanthems

Before we get to the official post, I want it to be known that Nick Joseph is the pushiest person alive. If you’re supposed to do something for him, he will hassle the living hell out of you to the point that you just break down and do what he wants just to get him off you back. Matt Schrier (which is pronounced “shry-er” by the way) isn’t much better. He doesn’t hassle you as much, but he’s not above sending you angry text messages ordering you around. Just saying.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to the post. Last weekend, East Coast Wake Park kicked of the 2010 season with a big event unveiling the brand new rail at the park, which was designed by Liquid Force rider Kevin Henshaw. Perhaps you’ve heard about it. Being the cutting edge, hard hitting wake journalists that we are, Nick and I were on hand to shoot the event and bro down with everyone.

Everyone there had the chance to brave the chilly water and hit up the park on the brand new 2010 Liquid Force product. Quite a few people came out and rode, many of whom had never hit rails before, which was really cool to see. All in all, it was pretty good day; you could really tell how pumped everyone was for the upcoming season. Henshaw even got out there and ripped the entire park apart, including the rail that he helped design. Big thanks to Chris Hopf and the whole crew at ECWP, as well as the fine folks at Liquid Force and Monster for making it all happen.

Check out the video for a recap of the day’s events, and stay tuned: we’ve got a lot of new stuff up our sleeves.