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A Conversation with Jason Hudson

Posted in Random with tags , , on November 27, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

If you’ve seen this site at all over the past three years, chances are that you’ve seen some photos by Jason Hudson. Jason’s one of our best friends and he has some serious skills behind the lens of a camera, so he started coming out and shooting photos around the time we were working on No Name Losers. He’s stuck around ever since and he’s taken a ton of great photos of all the boys around the region. He’s had photos run in Alliance, Unleashed, and he has a sweet blog of his own that he’s constantly updating with new stuff (not to mention the fact that he’s hands down the best Facebook profile picture photographer I know).

Jason has an art show coming up this week at Bottega Art and Wine here in Wilmington, so I sat down and spoke to him a little bit about his photography and what we can expect at the show itself. He’ll be exhibiting work with local photographers Keith Ketchum and Ross Rogers with background jams provided by The Goldie Hahn Solos. I helped him take his artwork to the gallery a few days ago, and I’m here to tell you that it all looks incredible.

The show is this Friday, December 2nd. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Wilmington and you don’t go check it out, you are seriously blowing it. Jason is a really talented photographer and one of the best dudes I know, so be sure to head downtown Friday night, check out some unreal photography, drink some booze, and give him a high five. I guarantee that you won’t regret it. Hell, bring some cash and scoop up a piece or two. You know that your living room could use an artistic upgrade, am I right?

Check out and for more information. And thanks for everything over the past few years, Jason. We’re stoked for you, buddy.


Candy Apples and Razor Blades

Posted in Random with tags on October 31, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

For the past two years, Clay and I have been talking about starting a Misfits cover band. We’d practice all year and then only play one show on Halloween night. We always talk about how we’d get super drunk and all our friends would come out to see us and it would be the time of our lives. Then every year, we never actually do it and this night rolls around and we’re left with only our dreams of how epic it could actually be.

So we’re doing it next year. You hear that, everybody? It’s on the internet now, so we kinda have to follow through with it. Stay on us about it and we’ll see you guys in 364 days.

– – –

Halloween Playlist

  1. Misfits – Static Age
  2. Misfits – Earth A.D.
  3. Misfits – Walk Among Us
  4. Misfits – Legacy of Brutality
  5. Danzig – S/T

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Posted in Random with tags on May 6, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Just got finished putting together a little prize package for Wilt C, who is the big winner of the contest we put up last week. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally on the way. Sorry for the hold-up, Wilt. He was the first person to correctly identify the title of the last post as a line from the song “Springtime” by the band Leatherface (he got bonus points for also noting that Hot Water Music covered the song). It’s a great jam, and appropriate, considering the fact that Springtime is in full effect. It should be noted that Erin, our resident PR and marketing genius, also got the correct answer mere minutes after Wilt sent his email in (Sorry E, don’t be a hater). Anyway, Wilt’s email never included his last name, so I’m going to go ahead and assume that it was Wilt Chamberlin and that he’s a big fan of our stuff, which is really exciting…

– – –

Also a little delayed, I wanted to be sure to send a big ol’ congratulations to White Lake OG Tyler Bumgarner, who got married in Virginia Beach last Saturday. The wedding was a blast; I drank a bunch of whiskey, took the microphone from the band and made a big impromptu speech that most likely made no sense whatsoever. Also, here’s a little factoid: Tyler got arrested once for dry humping a woman in a pig costume at White Lake. True story. Anyway, he and his brother took me wakeboarding for the first time and I’m sure he still kills it behind the boat whenever he gets a chance to ride. I know he checks the site from time to time, so congrats Tyler. See you this summer…

– – –

Speaking of of White Lake, big moves are being made there next weekend. Bladen County residents: hold on to your butts.

– – –

Currently on the iPod:

  1. Isis – Mosquito Control
  2. NOFX – Heavy Petting Zoo
  3. Small Brown Bike – Fell and Found
  4. Future Islands – In Evening Air
  5. Criteria – En Garde

A Little Bit of Springtime in the Back of My Mind

Posted in Random with tags , , on April 26, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

It’s been a long winter, but Spring is officially here in NC, so Nick and Mark have been out getting things done with our resident photographer, Jason Hudson.  Here are a few shots that Jason got the other day, which I blatantly stole from his bookmark-worthy website. Check it out to see a bunch more of his work. Highly recommended browsing.

Nick was so excited to ride that he forgot to take off his sweatshirt!

Thanks for the shots, Jason. It’s just about time to dust off the video camera too…

– – –

Also, just for Sh*ts and Giggles, the first person who can correctly tell me what the title of this post is referencing will win a copy of the No Name Losers DVD and a few of these bad-ass new TA stickers we just had made. Start Googling and send your answers to

– – –

Currently Jamming:

  1. Red Fang – Murder the Mountains
  2. Yuck – Yuck
  3. Nails – Unsilent Death
  4. Small Brown Bike – Fell and Found
  5. Explosions n the Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Life: 1, Laptop: 0

Posted in Random with tags on April 16, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Today’s lesson: If you have a bunch of stuff on your laptop that you would prefer to keep for a while, take a lesson from Juvenile and be sure back it up every now and then. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

– – –

“All-vinyl, Anti-digital” Playlist

  1. Slayer – Live Undead
  2. Misfits – The Static Age
  3. Black Flag – Damaged
  4. Isis – Oceanic

“Grizzly Adams DID have a beard…”

Posted in Random with tags , , on March 15, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Sitting in the hospital over the last week has provided me with a lot of spare time, which has allowed me to catch up on my movie watching, internet browsing and music listening. However, one thing that I haven’t done over the last week (and then some) is shave. So I got to thinking that maybe I should just let it go and see if I could pull off one of my lifetime goals, a legit beard.

Now, once upon a time, I used to think that I was completely incapable of growing a beard. I was certain that one side would be spotty or that it would look funny or that it would just take me forever to see results and I’d abandon the mission out of frustration. And my friends definitely didn’t with help my beard insecurities. Nick and Blake, my best friends from high school, can grow full beards in about 45 minutes and they look super legit. Clay Martin can sneeze a beard whenever he wants and I’m pretty sure that Tim Boyer was born with facial hair. It always seemed like such an uphill battle, but after the last few days, I’m starting to think I could do it.

So now I’m asking for your advice, dear reader. Would I look like a total bad ass or would it just be weird looking? Vote in this poll and let me know what I should do with my face. (And just for the record, this whole idea came about solely because I just realized you could create polls in WordPress and I wanted to try it out. Plus, I currently have some painkillers in me and they’re making this whole idea really amusing at this particular moment. So humor me.)

– – –

Beard-Growing Playlist:

  1. Explosions in the Sky – “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care”
  2. Hot Water Music – “Forever and Counting”
  3. Metallica – “Ride the Lightning”

Big Ups To Brooklyn

Posted in Random with tags , , , on March 9, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Thanks to the Facebook page of my good buddy DJSK, I just realized that 14 years ago today, The Notorious BIG, hands down the greatest rapper in the history of the universe, died at the age of 27. And since I’ve got a ton of free time on my hands, I’m going to be watching old Biggie videos all day. Hell, I might even sign up for Netflix just so I can watch Notorious again (believe it or not, it’s not one of the movies they have on the pediatric floor at Duke).

I also just realized that even though I have several good friends who live in New York City, I still don’t have a Biggie Smalls t-shirt. What’s up with that, ladies?

Anyway, here’s a little TA video memorial to remember the man himself so check it out. These are all modern day classics, and let’s be honest: it’s not like you were really working anyway.

– – –

“In Memorandum” Playlist

  1. Notorious BIG – “Ready to Die”
  2. Notorious BIG – “Life After Death”
  3. Notorious BIG and The XX – “The Notorious XX Mixtape”
  4. Notorious BIG and Frank Sinatra – “Bed Stuy Meets Blue Eyes Mixtape”