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A Conversation with Jason Hudson

Posted in Random with tags , , on November 27, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

If you’ve seen this site at all over the past three years, chances are that you’ve seen some photos by Jason Hudson. Jason’s one of our best friends and he has some serious skills behind the lens of a camera, so he started coming out and shooting photos around the time we were working on No Name Losers. He’s stuck around ever since and he’s taken a ton of great photos of all the boys around the region. He’s had photos run in Alliance, Unleashed, and he has a sweet blog of his own that he’s constantly updating with new stuff (not to mention the fact that he’s hands down the best Facebook profile picture photographer I know).

Jason has an art show coming up this week at Bottega Art and Wine here in Wilmington, so I sat down and spoke to him a little bit about his photography and what we can expect at the show itself. He’ll be exhibiting work with local photographers Keith Ketchum and Ross Rogers with background jams provided by The Goldie Hahn Solos. I helped him take his artwork to the gallery a few days ago, and I’m here to tell you that it all looks incredible.

The show is this Friday, December 2nd. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Wilmington and you don’t go check it out, you are seriously blowing it. Jason is a really talented photographer and one of the best dudes I know, so be sure to head downtown Friday night, check out some unreal photography, drink some booze, and give him a high five. I guarantee that you won’t regret it. Hell, bring some cash and scoop up a piece or two. You know that your living room could use an artistic upgrade, am I right?

Check out and for more information. And thanks for everything over the past few years, Jason. We’re stoked for you, buddy.