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Candy Apples and Razor Blades

Posted in Random with tags on October 31, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

For the past two years, Clay and I have been talking about starting a Misfits cover band. We’d practice all year and then only play one show on Halloween night. We always talk about how we’d get super drunk and all our friends would come out to see us and it would be the time of our lives. Then every year, we never actually do it and this night rolls around and we’re left with only our dreams of how epic it could actually be.

So we’re doing it next year. You hear that, everybody? It’s on the internet now, so we kinda have to follow through with it. Stay on us about it and we’ll see you guys in 364 days.

– – –

Halloween Playlist

  1. Misfits – Static Age
  2. Misfits – Earth A.D.
  3. Misfits – Walk Among Us
  4. Misfits – Legacy of Brutality
  5. Danzig – S/T

A Quickie with Jeff House & Ben Greenwood

Posted in Wakeboarding with tags , on October 11, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Okay, so it may have taken a bit longer than I initially promised, but let’s be honest: when have I ever been good at meeting deadlines? This is just a short little sequence, but we’ve been sitting on this footage for a while now and figured we might as well do something with it. All this went down when Mark and Nick were in Orlando for Memorial Day weekend and got a chance to ride with Jeff House and Ben Greenwood.

Jeff’s a good friend of ours and I was really pumped on this footage because it was good to see him riding again after a bad knee injury last summer. Well, after I finished editing, I sent a link to Jeff so he could check it out and he informed me that he had just blown his other ACL and was out of the game for a little while longer. It’s a huge bummer, so pour one out for Jeff. Hope you have a speedy recovery, buddy.

– – –

While we’re on the subject of pouring one out for shitty knees, you might as well pour out a little bit more for our very own Mark Rugala and Geoffrey Barnes. Both of them have had surgery recently to fix a busted knee, so they’re out of commission for a little while as well. From what I hear, Mark is already giving the stationary bike hell and Geoffrey has his own personal nurse keeping him company via Skype, so I’m sure they’ll make physical therapy their bitch and be back in action before too long.

– – –

In other news, I’ve still got some leftover footage to go through, although I know better than to provide a timeline to expect some kind of finished product. Just stay tuned…

– – –

“Get Well Soon, Everyone” Playlist

  1. Future Islands – On the Water
  2. Witch – S/T
  3. Mastodon – The Hunter
  4. High on Fire – Blessed Black Wings
  5. Kids and Explosions – Shit Computer

One For the Birthday Boy

Posted in Wakeboarding with tags , on October 6, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Our buddies at Aussie Island are in the process of updating their website, so I went digging through the archives trying to find some footy of the team to put on the new site. I just found  Clay Martin’s remix section from the No Name Losers DVD bonus features, which is fitting because tomorrow is Clay’s birthday. So in the spirit of celebration, here it is. Between you and me, I’m pretty sure his better than his official section in the movie.

Happy birthday, dood…

– – –

“Clay’s Birthday” Playlist

  1. Metallica – Master of Puppets
  2. Misfits – Collection I and II
  3. Snapcase – Progression Through Unlearning
  4. Young Jeezy – The Inspiration
  5. Chris Brown – I Can Transform Ya

Two Year Anniversary

Posted in News with tags , on October 3, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Exactly two years ago right this minute, I was sitting on Justin Sellers’ couch fighting a strong urge to either pass out or throw up or both.

In less than three hours, we were supposed to premiere No Name Losers in downtown Wilmington and I was a complete wreck. I was convinced that we had a bunch of our friends and family showing up to a placed called Club Diesel to see a giant piece of shit movie that we spent the last year of our lives making and no one was going to like it. So we did what any respectable men would do in the face of adversity: we took Bluto’s advice and started pounding PBR tall boys as soon as we got to the venue.

Everything that could go wrong, did. A hard drive failed, a cable was missing, the DVD player wasn’t outputting sound; you name it, it didn’t work right. Everything finally fell into place right before we were supposed to start the movie and I don’t know if it was the nerves or if it was the fact that I had only gotten about 12 hours of sleep that entire week, but I was pretty much hammered by the time the opening sequence began. From that point on, everything went off pretty much perfect and it turned into one of the best nights of my life. People seemed to like the movie and we went on to have an extremely large time for the rest of the evening.

Two years later, the movie has been played over 13,000 times online. I know this is a really low number when you compare it to the Leprechaun in Alabama or the video of the 7-year-old car thief, but to us, it’s f__king crazy. Thanks so much to whoever has watched it or bought a DVD. I still really hope you don’t think it sucks.

– – –

“Two-Year Anniversary” Playlist

  1. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “S/T”
  2. Black Lips – “Arabia Mountain”
  3. Baroness – “Blue Record”
  4. M83 – “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”
  5. Rwake – “Lift”