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New Ride

Posted in News with tags on August 29, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

What started off as a pretty average day just got a whole lot better because thanks to the dudes at Humanoid Wakeboards and my local Fed Ex guy, I just unwrapped my first new wakeboard since 2007. ┬áThe board looks unreal, so I’m planning on trying to bum a ride behind Capt. Martin’s vessel to give it a whirl later this week. A bunch of people have made fun of me in the past for still using a pair of old Liquid Force Ultra Suction bindings, but I have to say that it seems like the Oracle was destined to be paired up with them because they look amazing together. Big thanks to the guys over at Humanoid H.Q. for the updated ride. My stokemeter is officially at Matt Schrier levels right now.

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And just in case you missed it, click here to check out Mark Rugala and Bob Sichel riding this board way better than I ever could.

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“Brand New Board” Playlist

  1. Tombs – “Path of Totality”
  2. Dr. Dog – “Shame Shame”
  3. Mondo Boys – “Desert Island” Mixtape
  4. Britney Spears – “I Wanna Go” (Been in my head since Thursday. Seriously.)


A Weekend with Humanoid

Posted in Features, Wakeboarding with tags on August 19, 2011 by telepromptedanthems

Okay, so I’ve got good news and bad news. You know how every summer, there’s about a month-long period where nothing gets posted and there’s no activity on the site whatsoever? Well the bad news is that this year, that month turned into about three months. The good news is that it’s finally over!

A while back, Nick and Mark went down to Orlando for a weekend and met up with Mark’s Humanoid teammate Bob Sichel. As soon as they got down there, they got right to work and banged out a few quick sessions before heading back up to NC.

We’ve been sitting on the footage for a while now, and that video up there is what came of it all. We’re hanging on to a few more clips from some other dudes, so stay tuned to see what else went down. I mean, it’s not like we could release it all at once. It’s been three months since the last post, so we kind of have to pace ourselves here, you know?

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Speaking of Humanoid, after you watch the video, be sure to head over to their site and check out the goods. They have some snazzy new boards for 2011 and they’re putting together an impressive team of riders. Plus, Mark just got back from a big team trip out west and he says that the stuff they have up their sleeves for 2012 is looking sick.

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Rest easy, people. Regular posting has returned. I know you missed us.

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“Return to Blogging” Playlist

  1. Sleep – “Jerusalem”
  2. Jay-Z and Kanye West – “Watch The Throne”
  3. Death From Above 1979 – “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine”
  4. Snapcase – “Steps” EP