Devise and Conquer

The dudes over at Transworld Wake have this pretty cool contest going on right now that puts four wakeskate teams against one another to see who can build some cool stuff to hit and come up with the best video. I just watched all the entries and sweet baby Jesus, Obscura’s team completely annihilated the competition.

None of the videos were bad, mind you, but Obscura’s entry has arguably the best team in the biz, a bunch of fire, a fake cityscape, and this one little rail where they did a bunch of shuvits through a hoop, not to mention the best soundtrack out of the bunch. I mean, honestly, it’s not even close. If Obscura doesn’t win this, I’m gonna show up on the doorstep of the Bonnier building in Orlando because someone has some serious explaining to do.

I’ve already seen some talk on the internets that the contest is really similar to stuff that’s been going on in skateboarding or surfing for years, but so is pretty much everything cool about wakeboarding, so whatever. It’s a pretty cool idea, so check out the videos and vote for your favorite here.

– – –

“Watching Wakeskating at Work” Playlist

  1. Avail – 4AM Friday
  2. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
  3. The Sounds – Something to Die For
  4. Spiritualized – Songs in A and E


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