Go Buy “More Than Machines”

Seriously. Go buy it right now. I just got finished watching it, and I’m seriously blown away. It’s been a long time since a wakeskate video this progressive has come along, and if you consider yourself even a casual wakeskater, this needs to be on your hard drive.

Tad Mathews is the guy behind the movie, and I’m here to say that this guy has got things figured out. He’s made a really entertaining video that features unreal riding from the best wakeskaters in the world and best  of all, it’s not plagued with a bunch of over-editing or flashy effects or other gimmicky video trickery. The soundtrack is laid back and fits each section really well. There’s a perfect mix of  boats, jet skis, rails, and winching. Even the running time is what I would consider perfection, clocking in at just about half an hour. I know it might sound like I’m just blowing sunshine up this guy’s ass, but this movie is exactly how I think wake movies should be and now all I want to do is get to work on something myself.

While the whole thing was really good, several things stood out after one viewing:

  • Austin Pastura – Truth be told, it’s kind of depressing watching kids like this. He makes everything look so easy that you almost start to think that it’s not that hard. As far as I know, this is his first official video part aside from some web videos, and I don’t think he could ask for a much better formal introduction.
  • Stu Shinn – This guy is f_____g retarded when it comes to stuff behind the boat. I’m talking wake-to-wake kickflips and frontside flips where he catches the board about four feet off the water. It’s seriously insane.
  • Ben Horan – I’m not really a fan of the whole hippie wakeboarding/wakeskating movement (ie: endless supplies of tie dye shirts, excessively long hair, ironic facial hair, etc…). It’s just not my style. However, Ben Horan will forever get a pass from me for all that hippie stuff because he’s just so damn good at wakeskating. He’s had a few really good video parts over the years, put this is probably my favorite of his so far.
  • Matt Hooker – He has the closing section, and if he keeps it up, he’ll be everyone’s Wakeskater of the Year come Fall. There’s one clip where he ollies out of a fountain and front boards a ledge that’s at least 8 feet past the ollie. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s bananas. There’s also the shot of him clearing a massive gap to back lip a piece of corrugated pipe. You’ve seriously got to see this stuff to understand how gnarly it is. Two thumbs up.

So yeah, long story short: go buy this movie. It’s available for just $10 as a high quality download and it’s seriously worth every penny. If you need some more persuading, check out a teaser here. And when you’re done watching it, just go ahead and click the “Buy Now” button. Trust me. Also, be sure to check out WeSubsist for more stuff from Tad and the boys.

– – –

Monday Night Playlist

  1. Deafheaven – Road to Judah
  2. The Hood Internet – Mixtape Vol. 5
  3. High on Fire – The Art of Self Defense

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