Going Global


It’s a big day here at TA HQ, folks. I’m looking at a brand new, freshly wrapped copy of No Name Losers ready to be mailed out. Now I know what you’re thinking: “But Brad, that’s not a big deal. You guys must have shipped thousands of copies * over the past year. Why is this one so special?”

Well, let me just point out the address on the envelope: Queensland, Australia.

That’s right folks: we’ve gone global. Our new buddy Jake Fowler has become our very first international customer and I for one couldn’t be more excited. The idea that dudes all the way around the world are going to be watching our little movie is beyond crazy to me. So good on ya, Jake; thanks a ton for the support. This bad boy should ship out tomorrow. Hope you guys are staying high and dry out there.

If anyone else wants to get their hands on a copy of the DVD (regardless of what country you live in), check out the store.

– – –

“Global Domination” Playlist

  1. The Melvins – “Lysol”
  2. Future Islands – “In the Fall” EP
  3. Men at Work – “Down Under”  **


* – This is a massive over exaggeration.

** – Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


2 Responses to “Going Global”

  1. you are a diplomate of advanced foreign relations.

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