The Best of 2010: Wakeboarding

Okay, so better late than never, right? Cut me some slack, I was really busy (i.e., drunk) over the holidays. At any rate, I’ve managed to pull together some of the highlights of 2010 from the wide world of wakeboarding, and I’ve arranged them all in one of my world famous lists.

2010 was a pretty good year and not to be too cheesy, but we definitely want to thank everyone who took the time to watch one of the videos or read one of the posts. And be sure to keep checking in over the next few months; we’ve got some pretty cool stuff up our sleeves for 2011 and I’m pretty excited about it all.

Anyway, check out the full 2010 roundup after the jump.



Wakeboarder of the Year – Harley Clifford

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock the past twelve months, this one should be pretty a pretty easy call. Harley Clifford absolutely ruled the school this year and he did it pretty convincingly. Even though he narrowly missed out on both the King of Wake and Pro Tour titles, you couldn’t go to a wake-related website this summer without seeing something new about the kid every day. He got his own pro model board, landed a bunch of tricks no one had ever done before, and was a legitimate threat at contests the entire season; not bad for a 16 year old kid. To see just how crazy good the kid is, head over to the Norbi Films Vimeo page and check out two of the craziest wakeboarding videos I’ve ever seen.



Wakeskater of the Year – Andrew Pastura

This one was a little bit tougher to decide; there are a ton of riders that deserve this title. In fact, I had to go back and watch a bunch of videos from throughout the year to even make up my mind, but I’m pretty confident that I enjoyed  what I saw from Andrew Pastura more than anyone else. The kid is so freakishly good that I’m not sure if it’s more inspiring or discouraging. He’s one of those guys that every now and then, I have to watch his tricks several times before I can even tell what the hell is going on. The dudes at put together a pretty insane video of Andrew, so check it out here and get your face melted off.



Video of the Year – Slick City

It’s no secret that we love a feel-good movie around here, and Slick City stepped up the good times game a few notches. This movie was destined to be awesome from the get-go: Greg Browning was making it and Body Glove has a seemingly large pocketbook to make it with. I shared a few thoughts on the movie a while back, but I will say once again that if you’re a wakeboarder and you don’t like this movie, you’re probably a grouch and I don’t want to hang out with you. Check out the trailer and go buy a copy.



Photographer of the Year – Bryan Soderlind

This was another tough one. Jason Lee put out some really cool stuff this year, and Josh Letchworth is pretty much always the man, but in 2010, Bryan Soderlind seemed to have a ton of really interesting photos every time we turned around. From what I understand, he refuses to shoot digital so everything is shot on film. Now I don’t claim to know anything about photography, but I do know when something looks bad ass, and pretty much everything I’ve ever seen that has Bryan’s name by it has been 100% bad ass. Portraits, action shots, scenic landscpaes; he’s can do it all and everything seems to have this unique touch about it so you know who was behind it. He’s also a frequent contributor to the Obscura blog and the Alliance Girl page. So yeah, bonus points for Bryan. Check out his site here.



Brand of the Year – Slingshot Wakeboards

What, are you surprised? Who else would we say? I mean really…

Thanks again for a rad 2010. Stay tuned in 2011…


One Response to “The Best of 2010: Wakeboarding”

  1. Have to agree on all points. 2010 was an amazing year both for the sport of wakeboarding, and the people who help build it every year. It’s the pro riders who are letting it loose every time they are out there that draw the crowds and pique the interest, and we should capitalize on their efforts building the sports reputation at our local lakes with Joe Average. They and their children are the next pro’s and i love that more and more girls are getting into the sport, and being very competitive at the competitions. We should just remember we are the people that most represent the sport at our local lakes, and should therefore act accordingly. Respect swimming areas and no wake zones! Let’s build this sport for everyone.

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