In Good Company

One of the coolest things about being back in Wilmington is being able to see all the rad stuff that people are doing down here. It’s pretty cool to have talented people around to keep you motivated and eager to put out new stuff. For example, Connor Buss is one of the new kids on the block, and he came by the house yesterday to show me a new video he had been working on. He had spent some time with the whole crew and managed to get quite a bit of footy that he turned into a short video called “Teleprompted Autumn” (See what he did there?). All the boys make an appearance: Nick, Mark, Clay, Sam, Matt Deal and Connor all have clips. It turned out really well, so you should all definitely go check it out and click the little heart button. And be sure to keep an eye on his Vimeo page because I’ve heard rumors of another new movie he’s been working on that he plans to drop soon. Thanks Connor; good stuff, man.

– – –

If still photography is more your thing, we’ve got you covered there as well. TA resident photographer Jason Hudson has begun to post some of his more recent work on his new blog at and as you’ve probably come to expect, all the photos are pretty great. He’s been experimenting a bunch lately with film and different cameras and it seems like he excitedly barges in my house at least once a week to show me the latest thing he’s been working on. It’s all very cool stuff, so swing by and check it out.

– – –

And finally, I’d like to point out that this is my third post of the day. Technically, it was my second, but WordPress went haywire about an hour ago and deleted the original post, so I had to redo it. So if you want to be picky about things, this is my fourth post. Which completely shatters all previous records and expectations of productivity around these parts. In other words, I’m going to bed.

– – –

“Doing Work” Playlist

  1. Built to Spill – “Keep It Like A Secret”
  2. Yes – “Fragile”
  3. Radiohead – “Kid A”

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