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Happy Turkey Day

Posted in Random on November 25, 2010 by telepromptedanthems

Just got out of the water after a chilly 30 minute set on White Lake, courtesy of my little sister. I gotta hand it to the Holland girls; they’re troopers when it comes to driving a boat.

Now get off the internet, go eat too much, watch some football, and pass out by 5:00. The pilgrims wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Thanksgiving 2010 Playlist

  1. Girl Talk – “All Day”
  2. Kanye West – “My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy”
  3. Jesu – “Heartache” and “Dethroned” EP’s
  4. Grouplove – “S/T”

Kind of a Big Deal

Posted in News on November 10, 2010 by telepromptedanthems

First things first: see that picture right there? That’s the current play count for No Name Losers and it says 10K. Which is an abbreviation for 10,000 views. Which is mother f__king crazy. Now, I realize that 10,000 is a relatively small number when you consider that some people film their cats playing with yarn and end up getting millions of views, but if someone told me a year ago that our little movie was going to be played over 10,000 times, I would have thought they were out of their mind. To quote our vice president Joe Biden: “This is a big f__kin’ deal.”

Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken the time to watch the movie and an extra large thank you to the people who went the extra mile and bought a copy. As our way of celebrating, we’re slashing prices on everything in our online store (and by everything, I mean the one DVD we have for sale). So go check it out and scoop up a copy of No Name Losers for just $10. Thanks again guys…we really appreciate it.

– – –

In much less exciting news, we’ve been somewhat out of commission for the past week or so thanks to some technical difficulties. After backing up a ton of files and suffering through a complete hard drive wipe and reinstall, I’ve gotten to the point where I can start working on stuff again. I’m getting ready to lock myself in my office to bang out a few projects, including a brand new Featured Rider segment. I can’t tell you who the rider is, but here’s a hint: his name rhymes with Dark Brugala. Good luck trying to crack that code.

– – –

And finally, in non-wakeboarding news, I went to Greenville on Saturday to hang with Tim Boyer and go see Future Islands play to their hometown crowd. And let me tell you people something: it was absolutely incredible. It was the best show I’ve seen on North Carolina soil in a long time. We met up with White Lake O.G. Tyler Bumgarner ¬†and had a large time drinking too much and going bananas in the front row for the duration of the performance. Be sure to check those guys out if you’re into the more indie side of the rock and roll spectrum. Great stuff.

– – –

10K Views Playlist

  1. Future Islands – “In Evening Air”
  2. Kids and Explosions – “Shit Computer”
  3. Kylesa – “Spiral Shadow”
  4. Big Business – “Here Come the Waterworks”