Eat Your Heart Out, J. Keller


Okay, so on Tuesday I went out on the river with Nick and Mark for a little sunset session. When I got to the boat ramp to meet up with them, I realized that I had my really cool, old school film camera in my car. It takes these awesome photos and there’s all kinds of light leaks and vignettes and it produces the most vibrant colors you’ve ever seen. Anyways, I thought it would be cool to snap off a few rolls of film that I happened to have. Check out the sweet shot I got of Mark doing a Method. You gotta love the vintage feel that digital photography simply can’t provide, am I right? *

* – This is all a lie. I took that photo with my cell phone and made it look like that with an app I downloaded off the internet. Looks cool though, doesn’t it?

– – –

Heads up Texas: I’m going to be all up in you this weekend. I’m flying out of ILM at 5:30 tomorrow and heading to the Lone Star state to call the shots for the Collegiate Wake Series’ stop in Dallas. I’m sure that good times will be had by all, so if you’re going to be in the area and happen to see this website for some reason, check out the contest. I’ll be the guy on the couch with a microphone. Come hang out and buy me a Lone Star or six. Several of you should probably expect late night voicemails/freestyles. You know who you are.

– – –

And finally, here’s the part of the post where I remind everyone about all the rad stuff we’re working on. Thinking outside the box. Widening our reach. Growing organically. Buying low, selling high. Big moves people. Just you wait.

– – –

Weekend Travels Playlist

  1. Dallas Blake Saunders – “Stand By Me EP”
  2. Kylesa – “Spiral Shadow”
  3. Sleep – “Holy Mountain”
  4. Future Islands – “In Evening Air”

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