Dear Nike Ad Department:

You guys are geniuses. You probably didn’t know it, but I’m available for freelance work. Call my people if you want to set up a meeting.

– – –

In more wake-centric news, there’s tons of new jams coming from the Pacific Northwest. Our good buddies at Slingshot have just dropped their 2011 gear online, so go check it all out. They’ve got some wild new graphics, a few brand new shapes, and those mythical R.A.D. boots that Nick’s been rocking for the last few months. Hit up their wake site for more details and buy something while you’re there.

– – –

Meanwhile, down here in Wilmington, Nick just got his boat back from the shop. Over the past few days, we’ve had some of the nicest weather I’ve seen in a long time, so hopefully there’s a little bit more riding to be done before winter gets here. We’ve been talking about a few possible projects on the horizon and we’ve got some big stuff in store for the end of the year. Massive plans, people. Huge. Stay tuned.

– – –

Monday Funday Playlist

  1. Stars – “Set Yourself on Fire”
  2. Wu Tang Clan – “Enter the Wu Tang: 36 Chambers”
  3. Small Black – “New Chain”
  4. Steve Winwood – “Valerie” (On repeat. Over and over.)

One Response to “Dear Nike Ad Department:”

  1. IS wakeboarding really cooler than rollerblading? Says:

    Rappers and skateboarders are cool but nike is like 4 years behind DIPSKATE haha.

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