A Lovely Weekend in Wilmington

If you know anything about me, you know that I love me some Wilmington, NC. It’s got everything you’d ever need: the ocean, good people, awesome food, and a female population that will make the rest of the world look pretty fugly by comparison. It’s also home to one of the strongest wakeboard scenes around, so when I moved back to Wilmington last Spring, all I could think about was how much I’d be able to ride. Clay’s boat is ready to go on the intracoastal and my boat is only an hour away at my beloved hometown of White Lake. Yeah, it was going to be awesome.

I think I can count on my hands how many times I’ve ridden this summer.

It seems like everyone has been riding less around here. Between jobs, classes, girlfriends, boat problems, injuries, or lousy conditions, life just gets in the way. I mean, with the exception of Sam Baker, none of us are exactly spring chickens anymore. It’s not like we can spend all day on the boat and just ride until we’ve had enough, and I feel like that painful fact was more evident this summer than it ever has been.

That being said, the boys recently decided to go all out and try to cram as much riding as they could into one weekend and film the whole thing. A little winching, a little wake riding, a little misdemeanor theft of a picnic table…it looked like a pretty fun time. The footage should probably be sent out to tourists and prospective UNCW students because this is how life in the Port City should be. And although weekends like this may begin to be fewer and further between, it’s good to know that they haven’t disappeared completely.

And since that last line sounded like a sappy PSA, I’m going to stop typing now. Just watch the video.

One Response to “A Lovely Weekend in Wilmington”

  1. awww, I miss wilmington. and you.

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