Getting Things Done

This is what I’ve been doing all night. Burning DVDs, assembling cases, printing labels, staying on that endless hustle.

The fine folks at Aussie Island Surf Shop recently let us know that they needed some more copies of our magnum opus, No Name Losers. Seems that people have been checking out the movie almost a year after it premiered, and we seriously couldn’t be prouder. Big thanks to anyone who’s snagged themselves a copy. For those of you who haven’t, well what are you waiting for?

– – –

In other news, Hey Lake Norman: Thanks for a lovely time last weekend. I had a big ol’ time at Wake the Lake 2010 and from the looks of things on the scaffolding, everyone else did too. Our buddies at Icy Waves have a whole mess of pictures posted on the ‘Book, so go check them out and click the like button a time or two.

– – –

Finally, Nick just delivered some fresh footage to my house and I’m getting ready to dig into it pretty soon. From the clips I’ve already seen and the stories I’ve heard, I’d say it’s a safe bet that you guys are going to be pumped. New stuff in the pipeline, people…keep your eyes and ears open.

– – –

DVD Burning Playlist

  1. Torche – “Songs for Singles”
  2. Arcade Fire – “Live at Madison Square Garden”
  3. Kanye West – “G.O.O.D. Friday” Singles
  4. Baroness – “Blue Record”

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