Heading to Orlando

At roughly 1:30 AM Friday morning, Nick and I will be leaving our beloved Port City to head down to to the Sunshine State for Surf Expo. For those of you who have never been, here’s a preview of the weekend we’re about to have:

Fists will be bumped, orders will be placed, parties will be thrown, drinks will be drunk, coozies will be collected (then most likely lost), stickers will be stuck, more fists will be bumped, deals will be made, MGMT will be played, hearts will be broken, and good times will be had by all. I’ll probably walk about ten collective miles over the course of the weekend and if we play our cards right, there might actually be some wakeboarding somewhere along the line.

We should be getting to town just in time for the show to start on Friday, so if you’re going to be down there, give us a shout and let’s meet up and bro down.

– – – –

Driving Music:

  1. Boner Jamz 2010 – The most unf*ckwithable playlist ever assembled, featuring a wide variety of over 2 days of music. Perfect for a weekend getaway to Orlando.

One Response to “Heading to Orlando”

  1. a. collect coozies for your favorite sister [and don’t lose them].
    b. i’m super jealous.
    c. i hope o-town is on your play list.

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