Featured Rider – Geoffrey Barnes

Let me tell you a story about Geoffrey Barnes.

When Nick and I were making No Name Losers, Geoffrey was always willing to do whatever he could to help. He would drive the boats, drive the jet skis, and always film whenever he was called upon. Truth be told, he was behind the camera for several of the best shots in the whole movie. But since he wasn’t technically an Aussie Island team rider, he was relegated to a few quick clips in the Friends section.

So when the movie was finally done and DVDs were officially available, Nick and I sat back and patiently waited for all the orders to come rolling in. And we waited. And we waited some more. Until finally, the next day, I got an email saying “Hey, someone just  bought your movie.” I was really happy to find out that someone liked the movie enough to actually buy a copy, so I anxiously opened the email to see where I was going to send the inaugural copy of No Name Losers.

Then I saw the customer’s name. Geoffrey f—ing Barnes.

The guy worked his ass off helping us make the movie and he still plopped down $17 (which is still a bargain) to have his very own copy. Needless to say, I immediately refunded his money and sent him a text saying he was a retard and to expect a package later that week.

That’s the kind of person Geoffrey is; just a good dude who’s super low key and always nice to everyone. Plus, since he’s been in Greenville at East Coast Wake Park, he’s become an insane rail rider. He pretty much blows my mind every time I see him ride out there, and Nick and I have wanted to do a feature on him for a while. As rail riding keeps gaining popularity, you’re practically guaranteed to see more of Geoffrey in the future. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy a few sets with the elder Barnes brother and the guy who bought the very first copy of No Name Losers.


4 Responses to “Featured Rider – Geoffrey Barnes”

  1. G Barnes Killing it

  2. Attack of the wrinkley p.

  3. fuck yea geoffrey

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