Go Buy Slick City

Seriously. Nick got this movie last week and I’ve probably watched it 7 or 8 times since then. It’s the most feel-good, fun times wake movie I’ve ever seen and it will undoubtedly go down as the best movie of the year. Highlights include:

  • Jeff McKee’s beard/riding
  • Everything James Balzer does
  • The Bob Soven/Rusty Malinoski romance
  • A really, really good closing section from Rusty (which I honestly didn’t think I’d ever say, but Nick and I were both super impressed with it)

So yeah, go get it. Greg Browning made it;¬† he’s the guy behind the Drive-Thru surf movies and TV shows, so that’s the kind of feel it has. Highly recommended.

In other news, we’ve got another video brewing, so expect that in the next week or so…

– – –

Current Jams:

  1. Slayer – “Reign in Blood”
  2. Slayer – “Seasons in the Abyss”
  3. Slayer – “South of Heaven”

One Response to “Go Buy Slick City”

  1. “Harley not holding a Koala Bear is like an American saying they have never held a Brown Bear”.

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