Featured Rider – Adam Fields

Oh, hey there…remember us? It’s been too long, how the hell have you been?? You look fantastic! Have you lost weight? Promise me we’ll never go so long without speaking ever again!

To make up for our absence, we’ve got some new jams to drop today. It’s been said many times that Adam Fields is the nicest guy in wakeboarding, and I’ll literally fight anyone who says otherwise. He’s been quietly killing it for years and he’s never gotten quite what I would consider enough attention for a rider of his caliber. In fact, he just returned from Brostock 2010 with an oversized check and a second place finish after taking out everyone but Danny Harf in the double up contest (and to be honest, if you’re second only to Danny Harf, you might as well just get over it because that dude’s a freak).

A few weeks ago, Adam came down to the Port City for some riding on the Cape Fear River. Nick and the rest of the boys went out to shoot and Adam proceeded to straight up put on a clinic. I haven’t seen him freeriding in a while, and when I saw the footage, I was pretty much blown away. Those guys must have had to constantly watch their toes because Adam was dropping hammers left and right. He dropped more hammers than a carpenter with butterfingers. Plus, he does this switch stalefish grab that’s so big, even Keith Lyman would say “Wow, that’s a big stalefish.” Also, be sure to notice the Adam Fields Signature Trunks, courtesy of Dunkelvolk. They’re bad ass; go buy a pair or three.

Anyways, enjoy the video. God willing, there’s going to be more new stuff more often, but I’m not making any promises because every time I say that and don’t deliver, I can tell it breaks your heart. Just bear with me and we’re going to be okay.

PS – The band in this video is Sleigh Bells and they’re awesome, so check them out. I’m making it my life mission to meet, charm, and marry the singer (not necessarily in that order). I’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes.


3 Responses to “Featured Rider – Adam Fields”

  1. Thanks Brad!!! You and Nick ROCK for featuring me on your site! The LOVE the video and the music!! Thanks!!

  2. dude video is sick cant wait to see the next video

  3. Probably one of my favorite edits of all time. Saw adam ride at LKG for the first time about a month ago…dude is unreal. Defenetly going to the AF Wake School next year

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