Featured Video – Henshaw Rail Unveiling

Before we get to the official post, I want it to be known that Nick Joseph is the pushiest person alive. If you’re supposed to do something for him, he will hassle the living hell out of you to the point that you just break down and do what he wants just to get him off you back. Matt Schrier (which is pronounced “shry-er” by the way) isn’t much better. He doesn’t hassle you as much, but he’s not above sending you angry text messages ordering you around. Just saying.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to the post. Last weekend, East Coast Wake Park kicked of the 2010 season with a big event unveiling the brand new rail at the park, which was designed by Liquid Force rider Kevin Henshaw. Perhaps you’ve heard about it. Being the cutting edge, hard hitting wake journalists that we are, Nick and I were on hand to shoot the event and bro down with everyone.

Everyone there had the chance to brave the chilly water and hit up the park on the brand new 2010 Liquid Force product. Quite a few people came out and rode, many of whom had never hit rails before, which was really cool to see. All in all, it was pretty good day; you could really tell how pumped everyone was for the upcoming season. Henshaw even got out there and ripped the entire park apart, including the rail that he helped design. Big thanks to Chris Hopf and the whole crew at ECWP, as well as the fine folks at Liquid Force and Monster for making it all happen.

Check out the video for a recap of the day’s events, and stay tuned: we’ve got a lot of new stuff up our sleeves.

2 Responses to “Featured Video – Henshaw Rail Unveiling”

  1. You guys fucking suck. Your videos are a waste of my time and I want my time I wasted watching them back. Your filmer sucks ass, he can’t pan or hold the camera steady to save his fucking life. Editing is ok, i’ll give you that. But seriously, who gives a flying fuck about some dudes in Bum Fuck North Carolina being rednecks and wakeboarding some. Your videos are filled with inside humor and interviews with idiots that no body gives a fuck about, on top of the core content, the riding. Seriously? Who the fuck are these self important assholes? We dont give a shittttt!

  2. see what happens when you put me in a video…

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