Teleprompted Anthems Goes to Florida

Since we’re on a serious East Coast Wake Park kick right now, we figured it was as good a time as any to drop this little gem. A few weeks ago, Nick went to the Sunshine State with the ECWP crew. The weather wasn’t great, but they hit up the cable park at McCormick’s then used some big name industry connections to sneak into The Projects, which is officially closed to people who are less cool than they are.

If you saw the teaser we did for ECWP’s big rail unveiling, you’ve already seen some footage from this trip. The guys met up with Kevin Henshaw and got a few clips of him at both spots, but they all did their fair share of riding themselves. Nick even rode the cable a little bit on this trip, which is kind of like an Albino American Alligator; you know it exists but very few people have ever actually seen it.

The guys kept the camera rolling for most of the trip and Nick put together a little summary of their trip. And if I can be honest with you guys, it all kind of pisses me off. Every winter they do this: they go on a trip and it looks fun and then I have to see the video which is pretty much just a collection of awesome times those assholes had without me.

Oh hey, and guess where they are right now? Yep, that’s right. Florida. Which means that we’ll soon have more memories of their good times to suffer through. Geez guys, why don’t you rub it in a little more?


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