Henshaw Rail Unveiling at East Coast Wake Park

A while back, our buddy Chris Hopf from East Coast Wake Park gave us a call to let us know about a few of his plans for 2010. Apparently, the fine folks at Liquid Force had agreed to send up team rider and all around jib-ninja Kevin Henshaw to help Chris design and build a new rail for the park. Chris was being really secretive about it though, and apparently very few people know what he and Henshaw actually have in store for the park. So in true Greenville fashion, Chris decided to make a big ol’ party out of it and he decided to have a full-on demo day at the park to kick off the season proper-like.

So if you’re curious to see what East Coast Wake Park has in store for this year, be sure to head out there on Saturday March 13th. Not only will you be able to watch Henshaw tear the rails apart, but you can get out there and ride yourself. Plus, you’ll have the chance to try out all the 2010 Liquid Force boots and bindings, including the new Henshaw FLX. Chris was raving about this board at the Raleigh boat show and Nick even said that while they were in Florida last week, Chris insisted on sleeping with his board every night. Kind of weird, but I’m not here to judge. Whatever floats your boat, Chris.

Anyway, the whole thing kicks off next Saturday, March 13th at 10 AM for the big unveiling of the new rail. Be sure to get out there early so you can ohh and ahhh as they reveal the new contraption. Nick and I will be out there shooting so come give us a high five or something. And in the meantime, check out the teaser we did for the event. Get pumped: it’s almost springtime.


2 Responses to “Henshaw Rail Unveiling at East Coast Wake Park”

  1. […] you saw the teaser we did for ECWP’s big rail unveiling, you’ve already seen some footage from this trip. The guys met up with Kevin Henshaw and got a […]

  2. […] unveiling the brand new rail at the park, which was designed by Liquid Force rider Kevin Henshaw. Perhaps you’ve heard about it. Being the cutting edge, hard hitting wake journalists that we are, Nick and I were on hand to shoot […]

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