No Name Leftovers – Jason Green

When we first started working on No Name Losers and Nick and I were going back and forth talking about ideas for the movie, one of the things Nick was pushing really hard for was a crash section. I wasn’t completely sold on the idea; I always thought crash sections were kind of lame and I worried that it would seem like we were just trying to take up more screen time. Well luckily, he talked me into it because of all the sections in the movie, the crash section seems to be the one that people are the most pumped on. I mean let’s face it: it’s funny to watch other people get hurt. I watched America’s Funniest Home Videos every week when I was a kid, but do you think it was for Bob Saget’s witty banter? Hell no, I was waiting for a guy to get kicked in the nuts by a mule or fall off the roof of his house.

We all got pretty banged up at one point or another over the course of shooting, but one guy stood head and shoulders above the rest in the crash department: Jason Green. Jason really didn’t get much time in front of the camera due to some nagging injuries, but when he did get a chance to shoot, he went full throttle and ended up taking some pretty awesome falls in the process.

Now don’t the wrong idea; it’s not like Jason’s a bad rider. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. But for some reason, the guy takes some of the hardest falls I’ve ever seen. Sometimes he would just hit the wake and all hell would break loose; it’s pretty easy to understand why he always seems to be injured. Dude definitely deserves a Purple Heart for his performance last year.

So in honor of Jason sacrificing his body for the sake a wakeboard movie, I give you No Name Leftovers Volume Two. Consider it the sequel to NNL’s Crash Section.

One Response to “No Name Leftovers – Jason Green”

  1. I like how on the last back 5 it builds up like hes going to land it but he crashes again. Nice work guys.

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