More Not Wakeboarding…

I absolutely lost my mind when I saw this on Sunday night.

I had heard that Arcade Fire had licensed their completely bad ass song “Wake Up” to the NFL for use during the Super Bowl and that all the proceeds from the licensing process were going to be donated to Hati Earthquake victims. I was kind of curious how the NFL was going to use the song, and my heart sank when I heard it being used two separate times before this with much, much less impressive results. Then this spot came on and I freaked.

There was also a VW spot that featured the song “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear, which is another solid jam. I’m really pumped that good bands are starting to end up in commercials like this more and more. I admit that Phoenix got kind of played out last year thanks to everyone jumping on “1901,” but I would way rather hear this stuff in commercials than the Black Eyed Peas or some shitty band like that.

Bonus Fact: If you check our stats, the most popular search engine term that people use to find our site  is “Black Eyed Peas” or some similar variation. It took a while to figure out why, but a while back, I wrote a post about bands that should never ever be in another wakeboard video. Black Eyed Peas were one of the offenders, and that one post has led hundreds of people looking for information on the band to this website. I can only imagine how angry they were once they got here…

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