No Name Leftovers – Volume One

Okay, so before I get into the new stuff, I want to be sure to send a big thank you to everyone who has ordered a copy of the No Name Losers DVD. It really means a lot that you guys would be willing to plunk down some hard earned cash on something that we made, so thank you very very much; we really appreciate it. For those of you that haven’t ordered it yet, we still like you okay, but we’d like you a lot more if you went to the online store and got a copy of your own.

You may have noticed by now that we haven’t posted any new videos in a while. That’s partially because we’ve been busy tying up all the loose ends for No Name Losers and it’s partially because it’s the dead of winter and most of us would rather hump a campfire than wakeboard in the cold.

Well, during the course of making No Name Losers, a lot of footage was left on the cutting room floor and for one reason or another didn’t make it into the movie. Even though they didn’t make the final cut, some of those clips are still pretty cool, so we’ve decided to go through the trash here at TA HQ, dig out some of the rejects and post them as part of a new series called NO NAME LEFTOVERS. They’ll be pretty short clips here and there, but it’s like I always say: a quickie is always better than nothing (Am I right??? wink wink HEY-YO! ).

Our first volume in the No Name Leftovers saga is one that caused quite a bit of tension between Nick and myself during the final days of editing. During their last minute filming excursion to the Randall Gap, Nick got this really awesome shot of Fabian Ashley narrowly avoiding death on an ollie gone wrong. It would appear that Fabian ollied just a bit too late and the gap jumped up and bit him, sending him head over heels straight toward the ten foot concrete slab right below the waterfall. Now anyone who knows Fabian knows that he’s a big boy and as you can imagine, he came down like a ton of bricks, almost taking out photographer Jason Hudson in the process. Luckily, he made it past the concrete and came up laughing nervously about what might have happened.

So then we were faced with the dilemma of whether or not it should go in the movie. We had literally no other clips of Fabian and the premiere was two days after this was shot. Nick was really pushing hard to include it in the crash section, and rightfully so; it’s a pretty awesome crash. However, my argument was that it might come off as kind of a dick move to just show one clip of Fabian almost dying and not show any of his good riding. I didn’t want to offend the guy, plus, we didn’t really have friends in the crash section anyway, so we just left it out completely.

Well, now you get a chance to see it in all its glory, complete with a brilliant introduction by Clay Martin. Although I have to admit, I do feel pretty ridiculous for typing that much in order to explain a minute long video. Oh well, stay tuned for more leftovers and enjoy Fabian Ashley’s brush with death at the Randall Gap.


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