Going to the Post Office…

This is what the floor in my office looks like right now. Taking these bad boys to the post office in a bit…

And by the way, that piece of junk Dell isn’t mine; I have to use it for work. So don’t be getting the wrong idea, I’m still the stereotypical fanboy.

Just in case your copy of the No Name Losers DVD isn’t in one of those piles, head to our online store and you still might have time to get in on this trip to the post office.

One Response to “Going to the Post Office…”

  1. Yo! Just got the DVD in the mail! Sweet job guys!! Brad, Amanda said that was sweet of you to send your best to her. Next time if you send anything send a check to cover some bills. Take care fellas and get up with me whenever you are in the big BC.

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