Sellers Remix Up Now On

By now, you’ve all undoubtedly heard the big news that the No Name Losers DVD is done and shipping. For those of you who are curious about what the bonus features are like, the kind folks at Alliance have agreed to put up a little sample on their website, so head over there now to get a sneak peek of Justin Sellers’ remix section. You won’t be able to find it anywhere else on the internets (not even on our own Vimeo page), so be sure to go check it out and maybe leave a comment saying how awesome we are or something. No pressure though, it’s totally up to you. Anyway, big thanks to Brooke, Rusty, and the whole Alliance crew for hooking that up.

And now comes the inevitable sales pitch: You really and truly don’t want to be the last person on your block to have a copy of this DVD, so go ahead get yours in our online store. It’s full of bonus stuff like more remixes, trailers, a brilliant commentary from Nick and myself, and more. My mom says that it’s the best wakeboard video that she’s ever seen and let me tell you, that woman knows her stuff.


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