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Well, guys, here it is…the moment that at least a handful of you have been waiting for.

A little over a year in the making, we’re very proud to present our very first full-length project, “NO NAME LOSERS.” For those of you who who don’t know what we’re talking about, No Name Losers is the first team video for Aussie Island Surf Shop in Wilmington, NC. They’ve been in the wakeboarding game for over a decade and have amassed a pretty good team of riders in that time; the movie pretty much just documents the team and what they’ve done over the past 13 months.

It was definitely an interesting experience over the past year. I had more than my fair share of freakouts (especially the week leading up to the premiere), and Nick had more than his fair share of frustrations along the way. Even the riders had to deal with things like seemingly endless traveling, early morning shoots in 45 degree weather, broken boards, broken ribs, a demanding shooter and an even more demanding editor. It’s a twisted tale of money, lies, sex, and power, but that’s all I can say because we’re in talks with E! about developing “No Name Losers – The True Hollywood Story”

Anyway, a whole lot of work from a whole lot of people went into this thing and there honestly isn’t enough space in the credits to thank everyone, so if you helped us in any way over the past year or made it out to the premiere or any of the screenings on the Collegiate Wake Series, thanks so much; we really appreciate it. A very big thanks also goes out to the sponsors who helped make the movie possible, including Slingshot Wakeboards, Smith Optics, Wake Riders Connection, and East Coast Wake Park.

Starting today, the movie is streaming in its entirety here and on our Vimeo page. If you want to save the movie or take it on-the-go, you can download the entire thing for free right here. It’s optimized for your iPhone or iPod and will play directly from your iTunes library.

A lot of you have been asking about the DVD and when it will be ready. Well, now that the movie is finally finished, it’s ready to be replicated and DVD’s should be shipping right after Thanksgiving. The DVD’s will be a 2-disc set that includes the movie and all the trailers we did for it, plus a bonus disc with alternate edits, web videos, and commentary from Nick and myself. Keep checking back over the next week or so for more info about how to score a copy of the DVD. We’ll be selling it online and Aussie Island will have copies available; we’re also working out some details trying to get the DVD’s in some other shops around the region, so we’ll keep you posted on that once everything is ironed out.

I know it’s been a long time coming, so thanks for all the patience and support; I think I can speak for Nick and the rest of the guys when I say we’re pretty happy with the way the movie came out and we’re really excited for everyone else to see it. Check it out and let us know what you think.



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That’s right folks, our very own Clay Martin is a finalist in the Alliance Battle Royale Method contest. He submitted a bad ass Method to BS 180 that would have made Jeff McKee proud, and now he’s one of the top three finalists in the running to win the whole thing. Check out the video right here:

Now here’s where you guys come in: go to the Alliance site and vote for Clay. This is democracy at it’s finest, people; you have a voice, now let it be heard. If we can come together, we can lead Clay to victory! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! VOTE HERE!

Voting ends on November 20, so get in there and show our boy some love. And congratulations, Clay…if Teleprompted Anthems were the Wu Tang Clan, you would most definitely be Method Man.