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Posted in News on September 15, 2009 by telepromptedanthems

Well folks, here it is…for almost a year now, we’ve been working on our first full-length project and here’s the final, super-official trailer. “No Name Losers” is the first team video for Aussie Island, a bad ass little shop in Wilmington that we all happen to ride for. Chris and Dean at Aussie Island are awesome guys and have been pushing wakeboarding in the area for years, so it made sense to team up with them and document all the riding that goes on around here. We’ve also gotten a ton of help from the fine folks at Slingshot Wakeboards, Smith Optics, Wake Riders Connection and East Coast Wake Park, so a big thanks goes out to all those guys.

When it’s finished this Fall, the entire video will be available to watch and download for free right here. It’ll be nice and convenient and you’ll even be able to put it on your iPod or iPhone.

Of course, for those of you that prefer to watch stuff on the big screen, there will also be a two-disc special edition DVD available, which will not only include the video, but a whole bunch of bonus stuff like alternate edits, DVD commentary, web videos, and more. The special edition DVD’s will be available at Aussie Island and through an online store that we haven’t even begun to think about setting up yet.

We’re also really excited to announce that the movie will premiere next month in Wilmington at the annual Riverfest afterparty, which is the Atlas Wake Series’ grand finale. Be sure to round up all your friends and drag them out to Diesel on Saturday October 3rd; keep checking here and for more information on Riverfest and the premiere.

Thanks so much to all you guys who actually read the blog and watch the videos…we definitely appreciate it and hope everyone is pumped on the movie when it comes out. Check out the trailer and keep checking back for more updates.


An Open Letter to Whoever Stole Clay’s Board

Posted in News on September 9, 2009 by telepromptedanthems

Clay's Board

Dear Sir or Madam…

You are a huge piece of shit. I can only hope that on your way to the pawn shop, you get abducted and power raped by a gang of grizzly bears and have to walk 15 miles back to safety after they’ve had their way with you. I wouldn’t piss on you if you burst into flames right in front of my face. If your first-born child ran out in front of my car, I’d run them over, back up, run over them again and then send you the bill from the body shop after I got my bumper fixed. Eat shit and die.


In case you haven’t caught on yet, someone stole Clay’s board, vest and rope. Keep your eyes out for a 2009 Slingshot Response 142 with D3 bindings and a black Aussie Island sticker on it. These assclowns also got his vest, a medium Oneill Revenge, and his rope, a white Accurate A-Line with a Proline Synthesis handle. If you see these guys, kick them in the balls. If it was a chick, you can just punch her really hard in the face. Trust us, it’s cool in this situation.