What Happens in G-Vegas…


Before I met Chris Hopf, I would see his name on End of Rope Gang and wonder to myself how you were supposed to pronounce his last name. I mean, no offense, but P and F aren’t exactly two letters you see paired up very often. Was the P silent? Was the F silent? Either way, that would mean at least a quarter of the dude’s last name was for decorative purposes only, which led me to belive one thing: the guy was a weirdo and shouldn’t be trusted.

Well, I was just being silly because when I finally met Chris I found out he’s and awesome dude who’s got a knack for building rails and then showing them who’s boss on his wakeboard. He was the mastermind behind the Wake Farm, a legendary wake park that has since seen its last session (which we were there for; keep an eye out for some footy this fall), but Chris has got some new stuff up his sleeve near Greenville, NC and from what I’ve heard, it’s going to be awesome. He just started a little blog where you can see the progress at the park, so check it out and bookmark it, because I have a feeling that you’re all going to want to see what goes down at this place. Tim Boyer goes out there quite a bit and he calls me all the time saying it’s going to be the coolest thing that NC wakeboarding has ever seen. Check it out:


Before I go, I want it to be known that I absolutely DO NOT condone anyone calling the town of GreenvilleĀ  “G-Vegas,” but I had to come up with a title and that’s all I could think of. Do as I say, not as I do, children.


One Response to “What Happens in G-Vegas…”

  1. Chris Hopf Says:

    New to the Blogging….Check back for more pics tonight!!

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