New Profile Pics!

clay and nick

As some of you may or may not know, the Atlas Wake Series blew through Smith Mountain Lake a while back. My recollection of the event is fuzzy at best, so I’m psyched that Jason Hudson was around to document things. Dude’s been shooting with the crew down in Wilmington for just about a year now and he’s gotten some pretty awesome stuff of everyone. So much awesome stuff in fact, that Jason is pretty much the official Facebook Profile Picture Supplier to Teleprompted Anthems. I’m rocking a new profile pic from that weekend and it makes me look way cooler than I’ll ever be in real life, so thanks Jason.

Here’s a little taste of the stuff he got that weekend at SML. If you want to see more, check out his photo gallery of the event at or head on over to his website, He’s got a ton of wake stuff on there, plus surfing, motocross, really hot girls, and a bunch of other pretty photography stuff.


Not Beer

Red Rocket



PS – That last shot is of Lake Norman’s very own  Stephen Pierce. Dude straight up killed it at SML and walked away with a first place in Open. For the past few days, Clay, Ronnie and Barnes have been at my house in Davidson trying to get some shots for the video and Stephen has been nice enough to let us use his boat for filming and riding. Thanks Broseph!


3 Responses to “New Profile Pics!”

  1. When you ask the cashier if they can bring a fork lift around to load all the beer me and sellers got you know its gonna be a good time…

  2. Thanks for the love Brad. See you on Lake Norman in September!

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