Old Skool – Brad Holland

I’ve been getting the feeling that people don’t believe that I ever actually wakeboard and instead spend my time in front of a computer criticizing people who do. Since I rarely ever get the chance to ride in front of a camera (and never ride well when I do get the chance), I figured I would post this.

I found this at my Mom’s house recently, along with a bunch of old photos and newspaper clippings. It’s my sponsor-me tape from 1998, and it’s a nice little walk down memory lane. Please note the tiny wake and the lack of a tower or extended pylon in most of the shots. Of course, it’s also kind of embarrassing; I spend a lot of time doing stuff like throwing shakas, air rolls, and doing tricks over my buddy Rob while we’re both wearing leisure suits. I also claim the shit out of a trick I filmed myself doing on the trampoline. I was a pretty big dork, but I bet you were too/will be also when you’re 16, so get off my back. You can also see the early developmental stages of my somewhat fiery temper: there are a few times where I either get really pissed at myself or flip off a jet skier.

If you really want to get technical, this is one of the first TA videos ever made. It was edited one night using the old “hook two VCR’s together” method where you just edit in real time using the pause and record buttons. This is probably a third or fourth generation copy, so that’s why it looks so bad. I must have taped over a tape from the school my Mom taught at, because you can definitely see a classroom full of children right before the thing starts.

It’s like a time capsule from the late nineties, so sit back and enjoy some old school wakeboarding set to the soothing sounds of Unwritten Law and Sublime. And don’t be surprised if you get the urge to do a couple air rolls, bleach your hair blond, and wear clothes that are two sizes too big.


6 Responses to “Old Skool – Brad Holland”

  1. That was awesome!

  2. Tyler Bumgarner Says:

    Howly to the max, yea!! Air rolls, back mobes, raley’s on the tramp! (is that the byerly blunt you are riding in some of those clips?)

    ……………what a great find

  3. nick galoitifiore Says:

    YEAA!!! that was awesome man. your a bad ass dude.

  4. Wow. That video made my saturday morning – for various reasons. No wonder you just wakeskate now. hahaha… Seriously though, as much as we ride together I think that was the first time I’ve ever seen you wakeboard. Were you in the no rape zone when you did that tantrum to fakie?

  5. that my friend is fucking awesome.

  6. i haven’t heard that UL song in forever, great choice Jason

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