Nick G vs Brad H – A Peace Offering

Well, I know we were feuding yesterday, but I figured that I properly put Nick G in his place and we won’t have any more trouble from him for quite some time, so why not post this?

A while back, homeboy landed a Heel Nine in front of the camera for The Wake Place and now it’s the Trick of the Day over there. Click here to check it out.


4 Responses to “Nick G vs Brad H – A Peace Offering”

  1. monkeybeanmedia Says:

    what looks like garbage?

    • telepromptedanthems Says:

      The actual photo…it’s pretty small and got all pixelated when I tried to blow it up. I guess it’s a screenshot from the video? It’s the only photo i could find of Nick online, which sucks because I’d love to have a giant Nick G wallpaper for my desktop…

  2. nick galoitifiore Says:

    hahaha!! thats sick man thanks! There are some pretty rad pictures on my facebook, and i have some jason lee took of me that are pretty sick.

  3. monkeybeanmedia Says:

    Bigger image….

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