Our good buddy Nick G. took it upon himself to provide a counterpoint to my “Hot or Not 2009” post, and I feel the need to defend my honor and reputation by responding to his criticisms. You may wonder why I would choose to do it as a new post and not in response to his comment. Well, the answer is because I haven’t posted anything in a while and I wanted to make sure that everyone saw me as I dispelled every single thing he said.

First, if you haven’t seen Nick’s comment, you can go check that out right here.

And now, my rebuttal.

Nick, I respect your opinion. But I feel as if I must respond to several of your arguments, as the majority of them simply do not hold water. I’m going to address your comments individually, so as not to confuse any issues.

1. This is the one argument I can’t really argue with: loud trunks do in fact sell very well. You know what else sells very well? Hannah Montana CD’s, Ed Hardy  t-shirts and those stickers that you always see on mini-vans that show a family of stick figures with a character to represent each parent, child and pet. The point is, just because something sells well doesn’t make it cool. Oftentimes, it makes it really lame. I think Kenny Powers said it best when he stated “You know I love you, I think you’re great. But you’ve got clothes like a fuckin’ dickhead.”

2. No self respecting surfer will wear trunks over his fullsuit. This is a cold, hard fact. If you really see this as much as you say, there are only 2 possible explanations: 1) That surfer is making fun of wakeboarders, or 2) That surfer is a massive tool. Either way, it doesn’t help your argument.

3. Jealous? Listen kid, I was doing melan 180’s into the flats before you could even say “Froggy Soven.” I don’t really think I need to say anything else.

4. Glad to see you have some kind of sense.

5. The System 2.0 is bad ass, and in retrospect, I probably should have included it on the list. But it’s apples and oranges compared to a winch. Besides the obvious cost difference, you can use a winch in far more places and transport it far easier than a 2.0 setup. And that’s what makes the whole winch thing so cool: versatility. Plus, I don’t have a pond or private lake in my backyard where I could keep a System 2.0, and I’m willing to bet that the majority of riders don’t either.

6. Tell your friend to take themselves to work. No one like a mooch.

Feel free to continue with your criticisms at your convenience, but do be prepared for me to absolutely disprove beyond a shadow of a doubt every argument you produce. And I hope your knee feels better.

4 Responses to “IN YOUR FACE, NICK G!”

  1. nick galoitifiore Says:

    Brad, i love you. hahahaha.. its all good.

  2. nick galoitifiore Says:

    oh and he doesn’t have a car, he is my roomate, and pays for my gas so it’s okay!

  3. i hate those goddamn family stick figure stickers!!! and the monogram stickers, and the flip-flop stickers, and the aussie island stickers – oh wait…

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