“He Risked Loosing It All”

You know when you see something and you’re immediately embarrassed for everyone involved? I saw this on the Obscura blog and it looks like it’s a real movie that’s coming out this summer. My money’s on a straight-to-DVD release.

If I know anything, I know this: nothing gets a crowd pumped quite like a dozen rolls to revert set to the music of Trapt. No wonder everyone things that wakeboarders are kooks.


3 Responses to ““He Risked Loosing It All””

  1. Wow, and I thought I looked like an idiot on Youtube. At least I dont wakeboard.

  2. is this for real?!?! thanks for sharing that with everyone, not really sure how you found it though…i thought rider strong fell off the face of the earth

  3. Tyler B. Says:

    Is this the sequel to Airborne?

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