Winter ’09 – Part Three

Hey, remember us? Remember that trilogy of wakeboard videos we promised you this winter? Well here’s the final installment.

After the Ft. Myers leg of their trip, Nick and Clay met up with the UNCW wakeboard club at Adam Fields’ house on Lake Brantley. Judging from the footy, Adam’s been ripping this winter and has been doing a fair amount of arts and crafts with his board. Also ripping is Adam’s new roommate Derek Cook, who made the move from Cali to the superior American coastline last Fall.

Plus, there’s some footy of the UNCW wakeboard team enjoying their winter break in the Sunshine State, as well as a few shots of our good buddy Travis Propst. Because, in all honesty, if we ever made a video that didn’t have Travis in it, I’m not sure we would know how to act. We’d probably all hate it and call it something like “Not Without My Travis.” It would really be pretty weird.

So anyway, here’s the video. Keep an eye out for Clay falling on a heelside air and a whole lot of blatant sponsor shots and product placement. Because, as Nick would say “Shit yeah, you gots to get paid.”


8 Responses to “Winter ’09 – Part Three”

  1. Sometimes you gotta fall on a heel and toe air to get yo ass in check.

  2. That vid was sick just like the last 2. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  3. adams toe 7…

  4. mitchell C. Says:

    I love the feeling of the early season ride when you hit a crowmobe or a KGB then fall on a toeside jump. Don’t lie, we’ve all done it.

  5. Yo Bro’s you’re vids are sick. We keep it real in florida and I just made a sick roller coaster

  6. Sick vid, sick riding ! Keep it up guys ! Yall make me wanna come back 🙂

  7. Lucas gets all the ladies with that sweet one foot lay back lazyboy manouver.

  8. superior American coastline. haha sweet vid guys! see ya soon

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