These days, wakeboard blogs are like assholes: everyone has one and lots of them smell like shit. But the dudes from Shredtown are pretty legit and have been putting out some cool videos over the past few months.

They just put up a new video of full of winching in Dallas and it’s definitely worth a couple viewings. They hit some pretty cool gaps, have a big ol’ time and even get hassled by the man. I think Nick said it best when he said they make it all look really fun. Plus, the music is that song “Huddle Formation” by the Go Team and I’ve always thought that was a hot jam.

So yeah, check them out and leave a comment or something. Cause nothing makes you feel like a bad ass quite as much as when dudes you don’t know leave comments about your videos. The internet is serious business, son.


3 Responses to “Shredtown”

  1. Yo thanks a lot guys that really makes me feel badass. I just called Andrew and told him to go to your website and he is stoked!! Thanks for your comments on our vids too Nick, they make me feel warm and fuzzy. Ha Later Dudes!

  2. aight warm and fuzzy sounded gay as shit. sorry

  3. yo guys the post means alot. im glad yall like the vids, editing, and songs. we really do need to get together sometime and ride, i think that would be sick. thanks again.

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