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Nice Scarecrow, Nick

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Nick and Clay have been reporting in with updates from their excursion to Florida and everything is going well. They’ve been hanging out with T Propst and Adam Fields and thanks to our friend Jessica, they’ve gotten some shots to prove it.

Method son

Adam was so psyched on his new board that he went out and did some methods that could have poked somebody’s eye out.


While they were in Orlando, some mark ass trick stepped on Clay Martin’s sneakers, then poured Morton salt all over him. When asked about the exchange, Clay did this stalefish and said “Let’s roll on them fools at their own barbeque.”

Nick at Work

It wasn’t all fun and games, though…Looks like Nick was doing work while he was down there.

Stay tuned for some of the footy. Thanks for the shots, Jessica!


More Not Wakeboarding

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Sorry folks. If you’re going through wake withdrawals, go to Wakeworld and check out their forum. I hear that Aaron Rathy is riding for Byerly now and Jimmy LaRiche landed a 1080. Yeah baby, a mother-effing TEN EIGHTY!!!

However, despite the lack of activity up here in NC, a little bird told me that Nick and Clay, wakeboarding’s hottest new couple, are on a little Florida getaway to visit some friends and rumor has it they took a bad ass new camera with them. Stay tuned to see what went down.

Anyway, here’s something funny that has nothing whatsoever to do with wakin.’

PS – How ’bout them Panthers???

‘Tis The Season

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Via Craig’s List…It’s almost certainly fake, but you gotta give the dude credit for originality…

PlayStation 3 (the city)
Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-12-07, 10:54AM EST

I have a Brand new in-box PlayStation 3 gaming system that you can obtain for a special price. It is the 80gb model and includes 2 brand new dualshock 3 wireless controllers.I do not want your money or thanks. To obtain this top of line gaming system, you must let me punch you in the face three times and your child must be present. If you have multiple children, I would prefer you bring your youngest child. This is not a joke. If you want to be your children’s hero on Christmas, we will meet at a location that I will specify to you, and I will proceed to punch you in the face in front of your child. You may brace yourself if you want before I begin to punch you, for I am a man of large stature (6’6, 275lbs) In between each punch, I want you to instruct your child not cry. If your child so much as whimpers, the deal is off. Don’t think I am a man to be trifled with or that you and a friend can ambush me. I am a former NAVY SEAL and a veteran of the Irag War.

This is the best deal you will ever find on a PlayStation 3. A truly unique offer. You are welcome to inspect the product for authenticity before the deal is done.
Email me for more specific details and we can arrange a rendevous.

Merry Christmas.

* Location: the city
* it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests