Featured Rider – Clay Martin

Wilmington is a pretty cool place to be.

There’s all kinds of fun stuff to do, lots of cool people to bro down with, and a wakeboard scene that’s steadily growing year after year. Anyone who has made the trip to the Northeast Cape Fear River can vouch for the endless amounts of awesome that the place has to offer, and we’re starting to see a new batch of riders that have apparently been taking advantage of it all.

One of those riders is Clay Martin. When you see him in public, Clay just looks like a wakeboarder; he’s tall and skinny and he loves wearing jerseys. I don’t think he shaves very often and he’s one of the funniest dudes I’ve hung out with in a while.

But here’s the thing that I really admire about Clay: he painted his board. As someone who has done his fair share of board-painting, I have to say I’m impressed with Clay’s dilligence and attention to detail. Whereas, in my younger days, I would simply take a can of spray paint and give my board a whole new paint job, Clay actually integrated the original design into the new color scheme on his Watson 142. I have to say that it’s a stunning interpretation which is both original and thought provoking. It makes you say to yourself “Hey, I thought that board was red and white…”

He’s pretty good at actually riding that board too. He was seen on top of the podium several times in the intermediate division of the CWS this past summer, including the series final at Riverfest. Word is he’s working on that whirly 5 and will be moving up to open next year, so keep your eyes peeled, cause Clay Martin is coming at you all so real right now.

To celebrate the purchase of his brand new computer, Nick made this video of Clay and his bros over the weekend. Enjoy…

See you all in Greenville this weekend for CWS Halloween…


5 Responses to “Featured Rider – Clay Martin”

  1. I think I met Clay the day most of this was shot and he introduced me to cameras and cake

  2. sick vid….sick song….sick riding…. just f***in sick….

    • Ooh, how did I miss this breofe? Love the board and the lovely bowls – I'll give that a go. And it reminds me that I was making Othello(Reversi) clay pieces and got interrupted half way through. I'm inspired to finish it now 🙂

  3. i loved the ending…makes me miss home

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