Top Five Bands That Should Never Be In Another Wakeboard Video. Ever.

If you’ve ever met me or had a conversation with me, you probably know that I can occasionally have some rather strong opinions. Well, the good thing about having a blog is the illusion that the general public actually gives a shit about your opinions. I also have this thing about making lists all the time. So, with that in mind, here is an issue I feel quite strongly about: the top five bands who should never again provide the soundtrack to a wakeboarding video. Because this is really important stuff, you know?

5. MGMT – These guys haven’t been popular for too long, but already they’ve taken the wakeboarding world by storm. They’re everywhere; over the weekend of Expo, I probably heard them on like fifty separate occasions. They’ve only been in one video that I know of (Ben Greenwood’s part in Drive), but I can already see them getting out of hand. We need to nip this one in the bud, people.

4. Pennywise – I admit that I loved Full Circle as much as anyone, but for the love of God, someone tell me why it’s so hard for editors to let go of this band? Sure they were all the rage back in ’98, but it’s the 21st century now and they’ve released essentially the same record no less than eight times. Get over it, guys. Extra shame on anyone who actually picks one of their best songs for a video but decides to use a crappy, lackluster version for the part. I’m looking at you, Kilgus.

3. The Black Eyed Peas – I can think of two video parts they’ve provided the soundtrack for and you know what? That’s way too many. This band is the absolute worst. I would rather hear my only child screaming in terror from a burning building than hear anything this band has released ever again.

2.The Faint – The first couple times we heard them, it seemed like a match made in heaven. They bridged the gap between electronica and rock so well that it seemed like the perfect combination; jams that could get you fired up to ride and then fired up to shake that ass. The songs had really cool beats and they provided editors with lots of opportunities to make creative cuts, so they popped up in a few videos. And then they popped up in some more videos. Until finally, they were in no less than two videos a year in wakeboarding alone; not to mention the countless surf, skate, and snow flicks they’ve provided a soundtrack for. They just put out a new record, so God only knows what 2009 has in store; hopefully they won’t get as much attention since they left their longtime label Saddle Creek Records. Which leads me to the number one spot:

1. Any Artist on Saddle Creek Records – As much as I appreciate pretty much everything they do, I believe the blame for the Saddle Creek/wakeboarding phenomenon rests solely on the shoulders of Thomas Horrell, Chase Heavener,and the whole Attention Deficit crew. Remember Invisible Cinema? That movie was just barely over twenty minutes long and had at least three Saddle Creek songs on it. Admittedly, it’s kind of their thing and I can’t really knock them for having their own style, but they opened a flood gate that desperately needs to be closed. The funniest thing is that I’ve seen parts from other editors that used, say, a Cursive song and you could tell that they were trying to edit the way the Attention Deficit guys edited. They would add shots of a TV full of static and a bunch of tight cuts with the music and it was so obvious that they were copying the stuff they saw in Invisible Cinema. Anyway, long story short, stick a fork in the Saddle Creek thing; it’s time to move on to a new label.

I wonder who MGMT is signed to?

EDIT – I have no idea why the Faint artwork is centered. It lines up right if you click on the post itself, so get off my back.

7 Responses to “Top Five Bands That Should Never Be In Another Wakeboard Video. Ever.”

  1. Have you ever tal

  2. Technical difficulties…..Have you ever talked to a professional about your issues with lists or is it true you’re just a hater?

  3. Nigga what the fuck is juice

  4. Trickassmark stepped on my sneaker. Poured morton salt all over me…

  5. MGMT is signed to Columbia/Sony. Fuckin’ sell-outs..

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