KNOCK IT OFF. Your commercials are the audio/visual equivalent of AIDS. Every time I hear one of those stupid songs, it makes me want to shake a baby or punch an old lady in the face. Who is the guy that came up with these commercials? If I ever find out who is responsible, I will quit my job and make it my life mission to somehow get that individual fired.

For the love of God, take these commercials off the air.



4 Responses to “Dear,”

  1. plus ITS NOT FREE

  2. Someone finally agrees. PPPRRRWWWW….

  3. dude brad, those are the most bad ass comercials.. you are just a hater…

  4. I love those comercials, they are very funny and hard to forget, which is kind of the point of ads. They want you to remember them. I’ll have to agree with Nick on this one.

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