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KNOCK IT OFF. Your commercials are the audio/visual equivalent of AIDS. Every time I hear one of those stupid songs, it makes me want to shake a baby or punch an old lady in the face. Who is the guy that came up with these commercials? If I ever find out who is responsible, I will quit my job and make it my life mission to somehow get that individual fired.

For the love of God, take these commercials off the air.




Expo ’08

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Well, I’ve caught up on my sleep and I’m slowly getting back in the groove following my long weekend in the Sunshine State. Expo was pretty cool; we saw some old friends, talked to some people about next year’s CWS tour, and had an all around good time. Unfortunately, I don’t have any shots from the show, but just know that there is a lot of really cool stuff getting ready to drop for 2009.

UGP’s clothing lineup looks really cool and their new vests are pretty slick as well. Slingshot and Liquid Force both have killer lineups this year, and just about all of the smaller wakeskate companies like Oak, Integrity, and Sattelyte had pretty sweet goods. Alliance has several projects up their sleeves this year, including the Parks Bonifay documentary, which from the looks of the trailer they had going at their booth, looks like it’s going to be insane.

The highlight of the weekend was Red Bull’s Wake Lab project on Lake Eola on Saturday night. Crazy rails, crazy riders, crazy times. I don’t have any pictures of that either, but I stole the above picture from some guy on Wake World; go there to see some more. The guys and gals at Red Bull are doing all kinds of great stuff for wakeboarding; can’t wait to see what they do next.

Big thanks to Adam for letting me crash at his house Sunday night and to Travis for getting me to the airport Monday. Back to the real world; see you guys at Wake the Lake…

Collegiate Wakeboard Regionals

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Fabian Ashley called last night to chat it up about a few things, including the upcoming Collegiate Wakeboard Regionals, which are set to go down September 27th in Wilmington. This is the regional qualifier for Collegiate Nationals, and if that sounds familiar, it might be because you saw the antics of the UNCW wake team at last year’s event in Pennsylvania.

The critically acclaimed video was a hard-hitting look at the life and times of a collegiate wakeboard team on the road, trying to put their school on the map. For those of you who need a reminder or missed it altogether the first go-round, feast your eyes:

Doesn’t that look like fun? Well, if you want to check out the action firsthand, clear your schedule for September 27th and keep your ears open for more info. Fabian’s working on getting a bunch of schools to participate, so it should be fun. I’ll be on the mic for the event and I fully intend to turn on the charm and lie to some freshmen chicks about my age.