TA Legal Department – Announcement #1

1. As a general rule, when browsing the comments section, do not click on Ronnie’s name, regardless of what this “Nighthawk” fella is suggesting.

2. If you do click on Ronnie’s name, it may or may not lead to a “good time,” as suggested by the aforementioned “Nighthawk.” However, be advised that Teleprompted Anthems, Inc does not endorse or approve of such suggestions. Furthermore, Teleprompted Anthems, Inc does not condone the mistreatment or disrespect of ladies, barnyard animals, or cake. Especially cake.

3. Who is Nighthawk??


4 Responses to “TA Legal Department – Announcement #1”

  1. Im not sure who nighthawk is but I think their real name might begin with a J and end with a Sellers

  2. my identity need not concern you ronnie. if a girl is special to you bake her a cake and have her fart on it several times untill she runs out of “gas”. If she is not so special go to your local food store and purchase one of those pre made cakes cause she is not worth the effort.

  3. would you bake the cake?

  4. I’m christian bale.

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