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Brad’s Best of 2008 (so far) Mix

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I’m a huge music nerd and it has been said in the past that I have pretty awesome tastes. It’s also been said that I have horrible tastes, but those people really like Jack Johnson and Dave Mathews, so they obviously have no credibility. Anyway, since I’m a total loser, I make mixtapes and I figured I’d post the latest one I’ve made.

Click here to download the jams.

Now fair warning; you’re probably not going to like all these songs, but I guarantee that you’ll like some of them. Click below for the tracklisting and descriptions. Yeah, I’m a dork. Whatever. You’ll thank me later.

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Attn: Knoxville

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Lock up your daughters. We’ll be there in 8 days.

Speaking of…

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So i was cleaning out my computer today and i found some wakeboarding pictures i would like to share.  This is the only time i have ever taken wake pics, but hey, shit was fun.

Not-So-Blurry Photos

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See that? You know what that is? It’s a two page spread from the September issue of Alliance. Does it look familiar? Well it should because it’s Travis Propst and it was taken at Wrightsville Beach. Does that sound familiar? Well it should because we just posted a video that included some clips from that very same day. Duh. Anyway, be sure to check it out.

And while we’re on the subject of checking things out, be sure to check out Jason Lee’s website, Blurry Photos. He came up with Jeff and Travis and got the shot at Wrightsville. Dude’s got some serious skills behind the lens and if you look carefully, you might see some familiar faces on his site.

For what it’s worth, the above photo of a photo was taken with my cell phone since I don’t have a camera, so you can imagine that the real thing loks much better. But I really shouldn’t have to tell you that, you big dummy.

TA Legal Department – Announcement #1

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1. As a general rule, when browsing the comments section, do not click on Ronnie’s name, regardless of what this “Nighthawk” fella is suggesting.

2. If you do click on Ronnie’s name, it may or may not lead to a “good time,” as suggested by the aforementioned “Nighthawk.” However, be advised that Teleprompted Anthems, Inc does not endorse or approve of such suggestions. Furthermore, Teleprompted Anthems, Inc does not condone the mistreatment or disrespect of ladies, barnyard animals, or cake. Especially cake.

3. Who is Nighthawk??

Featured Riders – Travis Propst and Jeff House

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Slingshot is so hot right now.

I don’t really know what else to say; dudes are on a roll. Their boards are sick, their team is sick, the videos on their website are sick; they pretty much just reek of sickness. They’ve made a bunch of noise this season and it seems like somebody’s taking the plunge and buying one of their decks every time you turn around.

So when Nick said that Travis Propst, who rides for Slingshot, was coming up to Wilmington with teammate Jeff House and photographer Jason Lee, I was pretty psyched, if not a little jealous that I was up here hating my life while they were down there going off and having a blast. Oh, but don’t worry: Nick sent me the tapes so I could see all the fun times and laughing and playing and singing that I missed out on.

Here’s a little video I threw together featuring all the sunshine and smiles and happiness that I couldn’t make it down for. Thanks guys; maybe I’ll catch you next time.

Actually, I probably won’t because I’m on my way down the slippery slope that is life. It starts with a job, then maybe you get a new car. Boy, you have it made! Things are going great! Then all of a sudden you have a house and a mortgage and an overwhelming amount of credit card debt. Then, at work you have bunch of deadlines you’ll never meet and pressure from your co-workers who can’t even handle their own damn jobs and then you feel like you can’t take it anymore and so you wander over to the nearest bar and search through an entire bottle of single malt scotch for the affection and comfort that is so painfully absent in your life. Then, later that night, through a sequence of events you can’t even recall, you knock up the slutty hostess with the missing front tooth, only to later find out that you despise her even more than you despise yourself and she’s having your illegitimate “love” child and there’s nothing you can do about it, so you wind up marrying this horrible person and spending your nights walking the streets aimlessly after your trip to the store to buy baby formula, doing whatever it takes to keep you out of the house and coming any closer to climbing into the crawlspace with the gun that belonged to your father (who never actually loved you) and putting a loud, messy end to this pitiful excuse for a life that you have so haphazardly made for yourself.

Anyway, it sure looks like those guys had fun! Jeff’s even wearing a pirate hat in one shot! Enjoy the video!!!