O-Town, Here I Come

Pretty psyched right now; I just booked my flight for Surf Expo. Although it’s taken a year and a half, living in Greensboro has finally paid off, in the form of a nonstop flight to Orlando for $60 round trip. It would cost way more than that just to get down there if I was driving. I’m all for road trips, but I just couldn’t turn that down. Of course, it came out to about 100 bucks after all the fees and the convenience charges and the f__k you taxes that they added on, but whatevs. I just hope they stay in business long enough to get me there and back.

To add to my good mood, I just got back from seeing “The Dark Knight.” All I’m going to say is that it will go down in history as the most awesome GD movie of 2008, no questions asked.

Also, has anyone noticed that every video we’ve done all year has been taken from the same year old footage? Everyone call Nick and tell him to get in the game and send me some tapes to edit.


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