Whoah, Buddy

Looks like shit got real up in here while I was gone. And I thought I was the only one who took his frustrations out on the internet; well done Nick!

As far as the grammar goes, everyone pretty much knows that if the post looks like a 5-year-old special ed student wrote it, chances are pretty good that Nick was the one who posted it. Just saying.

Since I haven’t been around in a while, I figured I’d leave you with some random thoughts to discuss amongst yourselves until next time.

1. Liquid Force makes great wakeskates. I just got a 42″ Reed and it rode like a dream in the rough waters of White Lake.

2. Forget Drive, I can’t wait to see The Dark Knight. I am also really looking forward to the DVD release of Iron Man since I missed it in theaters.

3. On Friday I’m getting an iPhone. I will then be the coolest person you know. I’m accepting applications now to decide who will be the first person I call. If you’re interested, get your submission in ASAP; there’s only 2 days, 18 hours and 20 minutes until they go on sale.

4. I want Carrie Underwood to be my girlfriend.


One Response to “Whoah, Buddy”

  1. Christian Bale Says:

    …..well who da fukk iz you nuggah ?!?!!….you da same dairy queen who got arrested in da white castle bathroom cuz they caught you wrappin a used maxi-pad round ya dyck, spritzin da tip wit a mixture of red kool-aid and axe body spray, sweatin so hard you slipped off da toilet seat and landed on da floor in a puddle of piss wit ya legs up in da air, and a little horsefly landed on ya butthole and started laying eggs in da nest of pubic hair, and you wuz geekin’ so hard da janitor walked in wit his hand already unbuckling his belt, but he seen you laying there and started screaming out da Lord’s Prayer in his native Guatemalean dialect, spinnin in circles cuz he seen a miracle when ya eyes wuz rollin in da back of ya skull when you got all embarassed and you let go of da maxi-pad but it stayed in place like you planned, and da manager came runnin in and told da janitor, “Get da fukk outta here, I got this under control…..” and he looked at you and slammed da door behind him, and pulled out a Virginia Slim and put it between his lips, wit his hands on his hips, and said like John Wayne, “Now what am I gonna do wit you, boy ?!?!!!” and his mouth formed a menacing pucker as he lit da cigarette, and blew a perfect smoke ring dat formed a halo right above da head of ya sticky penis, and it stayed there for a few seconds before he dissolved it wit his finger tip, and he squatted down and looked at ya maxi-pad wrapped dyck and asked you very sweetly, in a Pamela Anderson twang, “May I have a bite of that Luscious Hot Dawg, Sir ?!?!!” as he rammed his pinky up ya azz, his fingernail sliced da anal skin tissue a little bit and da minute he seen da blood start tricklin, he threw his head back like a coyote, and howled so ferocious that the lights started flickering and da water in da toilet started to boil over…….

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