Elephants and Jackasses

Nope, nothing new. I just wanted to let everybody know that over the weekend, I either broke up or walked away from no less than three conversations about politics between Justin Sellers and Tim Boyer. It was seriously like Obama vs. McCain in my kitchen, except the candidates were hammered drunk and neither one was wearing shoes.

Keeping in the political spirit, I found this video online today. Now if anyone knows me, it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the punk rock music. I do realize, however, how ridiculous some punk rock dudes can be, and this video is a pretty good example of such ridiculousness. Just as a side note, the second guy in the video plays in a really good band from Chicago called The Lawrence Arms. Check out their jams if you’re into that kind of thing.


5 Responses to “Elephants and Jackasses”

  1. Those were actually good, intelligent convos. You we to busy posing nude for Townsend that you just didn’t notice. 😉

    I’d def vote for thomas!!


  2. That was actually an intelligent convo. You were to busy posing for Townsend to notice.

    Vive la Thomas Horrel


  3. Very funny.

  4. I’d vote for thomas horrell anyday.

  5. dude i was just on facebook and theres this new hot website called true.com where you can meet girls and shit. This site must work because it says true in the name so you guys should definetly check it out. Just giving you the heads up.

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