CheahFest 2008 – The Beginning

At 6:43 on Friday morning, I got a text message from Nick Joseph. Now, usually, if you’re hearing from Nick any earlier than 10:00 AM, it’s a sure sign that something is very very wrong, but the text was a surprisingly calm “check your email.” I did, and I had the following video waiting in my inbox.

It’s only mid-April, and Nick’s already getting hammers on film. I’m totally biased because he’s one of my best friends, but keep your eyes on this kid over the next few months. Dude’s going to turn some heads this summer and I’m pretty psyched to put together a solid video part for him.

Of course, if he doesn’t quit giving me shit about how slack I am, I’m just going to beat his ass. And believe me, I could. I’m pretty strong.


7 Responses to “CheahFest 2008 – The Beginning”

  1. Cheah son, that shit is Brooklyn!

  2. Bear Grylls Says:

    Yea, this is fucking Bear Grylls, if you thought my name was badass, which it is, here is the 2nd most Bad ASS fucking name in the entire world

    Manley Power

  3. now i know what Baller means Nick, thanks for the explanation !

  4. Dang getting to it early this year! congrats!!

  5. dude.

  6. the music is clutch

  7. Sick.

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