WordPress is Pretty Smart

So I was checking out the blog stats today and noticed that I had some stuff in my spam folder. Usually, there’s only a few messages in there telling me about cheap Viagra and full length Anna Nicole Smith videos, but I noticed there were quite a few messages, so I opened up the folder.

Lo and behold, there were about 7 or 8 comments that Tim Boyer tried to post over the past couple of months. Now, granted, they were all either making fun of me directly or disagreeing with something I said, so in all reality, they don’t really bring much value to the table and WordPress was probably right to deny them the opportunity to be read by all four people who actually visit this site.

Nevertheless, I’ve corrected the matter and this is my public apology to Tim. Hopefully he will continue to make fun of and disagree with me in the future. Even if he is a total jackass and none of his arguments hold any water.

3 Responses to “WordPress is Pretty Smart”

  1. so how did Tim’s comments go to spam when my website is animal porn?

  2. pm dawn/korky Says:

    bout damn time. i told you like 2 mths ago that it wasn’t working.

    Brad passed up a day of wakeboarding in 80 degree weather to polish his boat and eat hamburgers.

    It is my birthday.

  3. pm dawn/korky Says:

    ps – nick ate that booger.

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