Mashups – Summer 2007

A long time ago, I diagnosed myself with Seasonal Affective Disorder. While it’s not officially accepted as a distinct psychological disorder, those who suffer from S.A.D. experience patterns of depressive or manic episodes that occur with the onset of the winter months. Cold weather always puts me in a lousy mood, and when you add clouds and rain to the equation, I’m downright miserable.

Having said that, those of you who live in western North Carolina can imagine how my past week or so has been. It’s April for God’s sake; it’s supposed to be nice and warm, but no, every day I leave the house in a jacket because it’s 40 degrees outside and it won’t get past 60 all day. Oh yeah, it’s also been drizzling steadily for several days now.

The only upside to the crappy weather is that it has practically forced me to sit down and get some editing done. Nick and I have been talking about doing a Mashup of footage from last summer for a while now, and the past few days have been just the excuse I needed to make it happen. I know things have been scarce around here lately, but hopefully this will be the turning point and things will start happening around here a little more often.

So anyway, here’s the video…check it out. In the meantime, I’m going to be looking for a warmer place to live.

UPDATE: I would also like to add that if you don’t think Biggie Smalls was and is the greatest rapper of all time, just go ahead and punch yourself in the head. Then, go to your mama’s house and punch her in the head for raising such a fool.


7 Responses to “Mashups – Summer 2007”

  1. jessica Says:

    you guys did a good job with that, my favorite part was the cameo by bry long i miss you guys!

  2. good job guys, nice video ! i like the very last part !, funny

  3. straight awesomeness cheers for beers!

  4. That video was sick guys.The editing was of the hook. Can’t wait to get out on the water again this summer.

  5. […] Click here for Fabian Ashley popping up at the end of this vid on the world wide web. It comes from Teleprompted Anthems, a nice source of wake news. And Biggie Smalls is a pretty good rapper. […]

  6. Townsend Says:

    Sick clip. Ill continue watching as i sit around with my broken leg.

  7. yo.. i know the son to this vid is party and bullshit by biggie.. but where did you find this version of it?

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